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I'm a comic book writer and founder on an indy comic book company.

Um, yeah.

 19    2013-04-06 07:54:46 ET
So, Wondercon was awesome. Teehee.

 18    2013-03-04 07:40:52 ET
So at the end of the month I will be at Wondercon. Feel free to stop by the booth. SK members get a special freebie.

 17    2013-02-03 05:24:00 ET
It's 7am and I am awake. Getting ready to head out to Claremont for the Packinghouse show. We are unveiling our new cosplay division. It cool seeing people dress up like comic book characters that I created. *giggle*

I mean where else would you see someone jump rope using their own intestines.


 16    2012-10-31 01:08:31 ET
So the show was a complete success. Loved it and so did everyone that showed up!!!


 15    2012-10-02 00:16:01 ET
So the 2nd Annual Zombie Beauty Pageant that I am putting on is getting some good press. I am excited!!

Here is the first one
Here is the second one

Here is the FACEBOOK event page if you are interested in attending.
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