DoUbLeHeLiX     Vegas
Hey All...
My name is Russ
aka DoUbLeHeLiX...
I am 31
and from Las Vegas, NV.
I am a free thinking
ninja of procrastination
who is destined to
end up in a wheel chair
soon if I don't stop
trying to grasp and hold
on to my adolescence.
I am a digital art freak
who loves to sing,
play the blues on my guitar
inline skate,
and meet people.
I am a single father
of a four year old
boy named Jacob.
He is what makes me
smile the hardest, and I
love him more than anything
I have ever loved.He is my SHADOW.
I semi recently left
the US Army where I was
a commo paratrooper at Ft. Bragg.
I now own a electronics
company that services products
I do lots of photography
and digital art.

You can see some @
msn = :[DoUbLeHeLiX:[
Yahoo= allwheelturbo
AIM= fishbrainempire
things are strange
too busy too think
too tired to sleep
too young to die
too old to waste it

background pics, digiart
and brainvomet photo's are
mine and made with the
Epson PhotoPC 700 digi cam
(old but hard to use too...
takes good pics though. still!:))
Bryce 5, Poser 5 with the
curious labs poser pro pack,
Terragen, Photoshop CS(ofcourse),
FireworksMX, ms paint(lol)...
if you would like any originals or have constructive cryticism let me know...

I need much  

What gives me  

2005-05-17 07:35:40 ET

Hey all,

Been a while. Jake and I are CrAzY busy. Hope your all well.
Things Ive learned in last 6 months:
Thought it would be cool to date a 18 year old.
I was wrong.

Whats this life for anyway?
2004-11-21 21:40:44 ET

Things I have done that help me understand there is purpose to it all.

1) I have been shot.

2) Fell 800ft with a tangled parachute.

3) Watched my son take his first breath.

4) Watched and helped (CPR) my father take his last breath.

5) Jumped from airplanes for a living.

6) Truly loved someone more than myself (not counting my son).

7) Rolled over in a truck 5 times.

8) Had a Top Secret Clearance.

9) Traveled 55 miles by foot with a rucksack in 10 hours.

10) I have seen a ghost.

11) Took a life to be humane.

12) Been in more than one barfight.

13) Swam with sharks.

14) I have seen a UFO

15) Fell asleep standing up.

16) Been an addict.

17) Conquered an addiction.

18) Helped the underdog

19) Lost it all.

20) Got it back.

I know I am here for a reason GOD has had plenty of opertunities but I am still here. Why?

I wish I knew what it was cause I cant seem to find my niche.

Yet I'm still here...



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