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"To know death, you have to fuck life... in the gall bladder!"-Baron Frankenstein from the film Flesh for Frankenstein

" Man has the capacity to veer with every wind, or, stubbornly, to insert himself into some fantastically elaborated and irrational social institution only to perish with it. For man is a fickle, erratic, dangerous creature whose restless mind would try all paths, all horrors, all betrayals...believe all things and believe nothing...kill for shadowy ideas more ferociously than other creatures kill for food, then, in a generation or less, forget what bloody dream had so opressed him." - An excerpt from the book The Nazi Doctors; Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide, read it if you get the chance, it's an eye opening look into the nature of humanity.

 Egg Nog Avatars    2009-12-14 15:58:52 ET
I am feeling left out of these holiday proceedings, can I just take a picture with apple cider and call it even, I like apple cider! <3
Btw, this time of year is bad for my wallet, the sooner the holidays are over, the better!

 Guess what?    2009-11-22 14:17:35 ET
My hair is red now, deal with it!
An actual entry will be forth coming to all those who may give a fig.

 Funny or Not?    2009-09-09 13:37:56 ET
Getting pulled over by a cop that actually resembles a pig humanoid to get ticketed for doing a California rolling stop in Missouri...while listening to KMFDM far too loudly? I'm leaning towards funny except for the $75 ticket part and having to sit in my car for 15 minutes while Pigboy did whatever it was he was doing.
As for a completely different ticket, I finally got my plane ticket and will be officially in California October 22nd thru November 5th. We are debating going to San Fran since I have never been and there will be a few days, most likely the 26th and 27th, where we have no plans, I'm game!
Skinny Puppy is playing the Glass House in Pomona October 30th, what luck, I haven't seen them since 2005, the tickets are affordable at $25, I will so be there!
If anyone else knows of anything else fun and exciting going on, let me know!

 Yay!    2009-08-01 08:47:19 ET
I shall be in California from October 21 thru November 4 to celebrate Halloween with people I like because, well, I do not like anyone here, therefore it would stand to reason that I would not want to celebrate my favorite holiday with them, yay logic!
I only have two things planned for certain, I shall be going to Halloween Haunt on the 22nd and to Cicada's vintage Halloween Party on the 25th. So, if you want to see me, let me know, you will get the added bonus of being able to see me with platinum blonde hair in person, which is better than pictures or so I'm told. I am thoroughly excited about this for it will most likely be the only fun thing I do the rest of the year!

 Birthday Blues    2009-07-07 14:22:12 ET
So, it will be my 27th b-day tomorrow, though it has come to the point that birthdays do not mean all that much to me, it is just a reminder of how I'm getting older and more cynical, yes, more cynical, I didn't know it was possible either but here I am.
I hear life gets easier in your 30's, the real question is does it get any less irritating, which I sincerely doubt, the people you knew in your 20's are still going to be the same people they will be in your 30's, I'm of the opinion that it is more a symptom of the current generation than anything else, I just don't like my generation, that is all there is to it.
I find it more and more difficult to find anyone my age or somewhere thereabouts that I can have an interesting conversation with, which is why many of my newer friends are all older than I am, I just have more in common with them or else they are people I have known for years whom I have a well established repoire with. Or, it could be me, that's a distinct possibility as well, I am an equal opportunity criticizer.
I am not depressed on the eve of my birthday, just frustrated which is a feeling that I am used to by now, I am working on ironing out the various aspects of my life that need changing, hopefully by the eve of my 30th birthday I will be in a more stable, content state than I am currently and honestly, what more could I wish for? ^_^

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