Posing in Life  

My name is Josh. "I don't want to Fade Out... I want to Fade In"
I am 21.
My favorite band is incubus
Other groups I like: the Early November, Coheed and Cambria, Story of the Year, Yellowcard, The Mars Volta, Palo Alto, Something Corporate(i hate their new CD), the Used, Mae, Sigur Ros, The Starting Line, Glassjaw, Taking Back Sunday, GetUp Kids, New Found Glory, SOAD, Rise Against, Saves the Day, All-American Rejects, ColdPlay, Radiohead, Postal Service, The Ataris, Flickerstick, Sugarcult, Death Cab for Cutie,TooL, Everclear, 311, Our Lady Peace, Outkast, N.E.R.D., Adamo, Skylar Blue, Fly Mordecai, Quitter John, (poor)yorik, Midlake, Eisley, Pilot Radio, A Perfect Circle

I play guitar, bass guitar, and am currently teaching myself how to play piano.

I go to school at Texas A&M University majoring in Industrial Distribution.

My favorite movie is still Donnie Darko: "I hope that when the world comes to an end, I can breathe a sigh of relief, because there will be so much to look forward to."

For all the Incubus Song Lyrics you can think of:

For My Poetry Click here:

 181 Movies... DAMN!!!    2005-10-07 17:28:09 ET
Put an X by the movies you've seen. If you get more than 70, you're a movie whore.


(X)Pirates of the Caribbean
(X)Boondock Saints
(X)The Mexican
(X)Fight Club
(X)Starsky and Hutch
(X)Neverending Story
(X)Blazing Saddles
(X)Garden State
(X)The Princess Bride
(X)Young Frankenstien
(X)Napoleon Dynamite
( )White noise
(X)White Oleander
(X) Anger Management

(X) 50 First Dates
(X) Jason
(X)Scream 2
( )Scream 3
(X)Scary Movie
(X) Scary Movie 2
(X)Scary Movie 3
(X)American Pie
(X)American Pie 2
(X)American Wedding
(X)Harry Potter
( )Harry Potter 2
( )Harry Potter 3
(X)Resident Evil I
(X)Resident Evil 2
(X)The Wedding Singer
(X)Little Black Book

(X)The Village
(X)Donnie Darko
(X)Lilo & Stitch
(X)Finding Nemo
(X)Finding Neverland
(X)13 Ghosts
(X)The Grinch
(X)Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the old one)
( )White Chicks
(X)Butterfly Effect
(X)Thirteen going on 30
(X) I, Robot
(X)Universal Soldier
( )A Series of Unfortunate Events
(X) Along Came A Spider
(X)Deep impact

(X) Kingpin
(X)Never Been Kissed
(X)Meet The Parents
(X)Meet the Fockers
( )Eight Crazy Nights
(X) A Cinderella Story
(X)The Terminal
(X)The Lizzie McGuire Movie
( )Passport to Paris
(X)Dumb & Dumber
( ) Dumb & Dumberer
(X)Final Destination
(X)Final Destination 2
(X)The Ring
( )The Ring 2
(X)Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
( )Practical Magic
(X)Ghost Ship
(X)From Hell
( )Hellboy
(X)Secret Window
(X) I Am Sam
(X)The Whole Nine Yards
(X)The Whole Ten Yards
(X) The Day After Tomorrow
(X) Child's Play
( )Bride of Chucky
(X)Ten Things I Hate About You
(X)Just Married
(X) Gothika
(X)Nightmare on Elm Street
(X)Sixteen Candles
(X)Bad Boys
(X)Bad Boys 2
(X)Joy Ride
(X)Seven (SE7EN)
(X)Oceans Eleven
(X)Oceans Twelve

( )Lone Star
(X)Predator I
(X)Predator II
(X)Independence Day
(X)A Bronx Tale
(X)Darkness Falls
(X) ET
(X)Children Of the Corn
( )My boss' daughter
(X)Maid in Manhattan
( )Best bet
( )How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
(X)She's All That
( )Calendar Girls
(X)Mars Attacks

(X)Forrest Gump
(X)Big Trouble in Little China
(X)X-men 1
(X)X-men 2
(X)Catch Me If You Can
( )The Others
( )Freaky Friday (the original)
(X)Ring of Fire
(X)The Hot Chick
( )Miracle
( )Ray
( )The Notebook
( )K-Pax

(X)Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
(X)Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
(X)Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
(X)A Walk to Remember
( )Boogeyman
( )Back Door Sluts
( ) Anal Acres 1
( ) B-Cup Divas
(X)The Fifth Element
(X)Star Wars episode I The Phantom Menace
(X)Star Wars episode II Attack of The Clones
(X)Star Wars episode III Revenge of The Sith
(X)Star Wars episode IV A New Hope
(X)Star Wars episode V The Empire Strikes Back
(X)Star Wars episode VI Return of The Jedi...
(X)Troop Beverly Hills
( )Swimming with Sharks
(X)Air Force One
( )For Richer or Poorer
( )People under the stairs
( )Blue Velvet
(X)Sound of music
(X)Parent Trap
( ) The Burbs
(X) The Terminator
(X) Empire Records
(X)SLC Punk
(X)Meet Joe Black
( )Wild girls
(X)A Clockwork Orange
( )the Order
(X)Spiderman 2

(X)Mean Girls
(X)Shrek 2
(X)The Incredibles
(X)The Fast & The Furious
(X)2 Fast 2 Furious
(X) Sky Captain Of The World Of Tomorrow

(X)Bowling For Columbine
(X)Farenheit 9/11
(X)the Sixth Sense
( )Artificial intelligence (AI)
(X)Love actually
( )Shutter
( )Ella Enchanted
( Princess diaries 1
( )Princess diaries 2
(X)Million Dollar Baby
( )Envy
( )Malibu's Most wanted
(x)Big Daddy
(X)Black Sheep
(X)The Breakfast Club
(x)West side story

(X)A Christmas Story
(X)Pulp Fiction
( )Sleepover
( )The Evil Dead
( )*Killer Klowns From Outer Space*
( )The Seed of chucky
(X)Vanilla Sky
(X)Nightmare Before Christmas
(x)Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
(X)Interview With The Vampire
(X)The Crow
(X)Purple Rain
(X)Reservoir Dogs
(X)Wayne's World

(X)Wayne's World 2
(X)21 Grams
(x)Edward Scissorhands
(x)Beauty and the Beast
( )Guess who
( )monster in-law
( ) eLF
(X)stuart little
( )stuart little 2
(x)Mall Rats
(x)Chasing Amy
(X)Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

(X)The Last Samurai
(X)The Amityville Horror (old or new)
(X)The Aviator
(X)Romeo and Juliet
( )Beauty Shop
(X)legally blonde
( )legally blonde 2
(X)the forgotten
(X)confessions of a teenage drama queen
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 "Oh that Mary immaculate was just good at hiding it"    2005-09-27 19:58:38 ET
I'm living in the confession booth again
Listening to all the hottest girls' hottest sins
I'm not looking for much
Just a little more than usual
Shameless primping in all the other women
Does that sound unusual...
Well not to me
You can disagree but I'll show you the aftermath of my bedroom
As long as you don't ask who
And unlike a quote from a Brooke's poem line
My smile is the product on this mask of wit and guile
And the occasional debauchery that comes with red wine
Love takes hostages but I just shoot'em instead
I'm counting two rounds of anger and lust in each chest
One smoking hole of jealousy in each head
And smeared prints all over bodies recently caressed
The wounded are better off dead
-"Oh that Mary immaculate was just good at hiding it"

 Panic!    2005-09-26 11:10:51 ET
The band:
The album:
"A Fever You Can't Sweat Out"
The site:
Fueled by Ramen presents Panic! At The Disco
The stores you can buy the album at:
Merchants who are down with Panic!
The stores giving away a poster too:
Merchants with posters

There... that about catches everyone up with what's going to be probably the next real big thing. And these kids are only 18 so yeah... they will be around for a long long time. Word.

"Raindrops on roses or girls and white dresses
It's sleeping with roaches and taking best guesses
At the shade of the sheets before all the stains
And a few more of your least favorite things
Oh, What a wonderful caricature of intimacy"
- from the song "Build God, Then We'll Talk"

"Haven't you heard that I am the new cancer?
I've never looked better and you can't stand it.
And I know, And I know,
It just doesn't feel like a night out with no one sizing you up.
I've never been so surreptitious
So of course you'll be distracted when I spike the punch."
- from the song "There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey. You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet"

     2005-09-22 00:22:50 ET
They won't let anyone go South to Houston unless you live there and they've evacuated pretty much all of the coast but it's supposed to just push right through all the way to Arkansas so I don't know how much good that will do. Since I live in College Station we are supposed to be pretty much in the direct line of destruction. I really think that we will get hit by a tornado that forms on the outskirts or just drown because of how poor the drainage system is here. I don't know who will be to blame for how bad the drainage system is here though... or how bad it is in Bryan... maybe the Governor... or the Mayor... but I don't think the Mayor has enough money to fix anything in Bryan and A&M is too busy spending money on buildings, football and expanding the roads into College Station rather than something petty like finding a place for the water. What to do... what not to do... I like to take these catastrophic world events that develop and align them to something in my own life and I think of this whole thing as writing a report for class that's pretty damn good and then forgetting my stapler and the prof doesn't have one and everyone else already stapled theirs but they were also the ones that said that I wouldn't need one. So now I'm in class... I've written this report... not a stapler to be found and I have written my name on every page so I just take it up the butt and turn it in and the prof loses a page and an A paper is now an F. Boohoo... I fucked up... but it's not the end of the world... I can still get my stapler and reprint the old paper and turn it in to maybe help mend the F and from now on I will never forget to staple my stuff. So yeah... hope that made sense but that's where I'm at right now. We have something like 1,500 refugees from New Orleans in our basketball stadium right now and about 1,000 students from New Orleans currently enrolled. We will on friday be receiving about 3,000 more students that attend Texas A&M at Galveston who will also begin attending here too if their campus is destroyed. So it's like travelling from one bad spot to another that's going to be hit pretty damn hard also. Our county is yellow in the hurricane wind warning on the weather channel.

I explained... I bitched... I pointed some fingers... I said my peice... I pretended like I matter... but in the end... the wind and rain will come all the same and clean all this s hit out of the gutters and into the streets where you and I must walk and ride and be and only then will we complain.

All I know is that I will be drunk before during and after this whole thing comes to my door.

 The Dance Upon The Earth    2005-09-19 23:39:15 ET
So yeah... I haven't posted in a while. I'm doing fine. A little overwhelmed with work and school and more work and more school... but the writing has been helping. This next one is quite crazy but I like it.

"The Dance"

The clock tolls twelve
Iím up to my old ways again
Line them up for me to look upon
Yeah this is the beginning of the end
Oh Iíll bounce from one to another come on
Iíve grown accustomed to this custom
One up one down and Iím dead in the heart and the head
By the mourning the morning newspapers will read of my romantics
Iím the emotionally leeching loverís feeding masochistic side of the bed

Welcome to the party
This partly is yours to blame for it all
Drink it fast or you wonít last
Like a storytellerís book on love
A submitted narcissistic for your approval
After all...

Yeah Iíve heard it before
Ringing in my head from my hair on down
You donít have to sing softly darling
No one is here to stop you for now
Raise your voice raise your glass
This is the last thing Iíll ever ask of you before you leave
This is the morning after mindless self-indulgence
Just another notch in my belt and more suspense
And a head full of self-esteem

Oh it's the beginning of the ďthis and thatĒ tit for tat
Iím up and out the door from this neighborhood murder scene
Accomplice to a crime you canít think to fathom
Yeah you canít play stupid with me
Sing me that song one more time again and again
Yeah thatís exactly what I thought this would be
A hand to your neck and the other somewhere beneath
And someone already has your tongue in cheek

As if by probability
You could have tripped on all the common feet and common struggle
We are the common children of the fatherless brides
Of chance circumstance and double trouble
Sliding prescripted smiles under our skin straight to the bone
Sheís on the ground again
Yeah Iíll be the one to take her home
Sound all the sirens of the gravest alert
After all the fun and the games
Someone has to get hurt

Blink blink the clock is down again
Flashing 8's and I've sucked down another one
I can already that this is the feel the beginnning of the end


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