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Welcome to my personal hell. This is who I am. This is what I am. And this is what I do.

Wishing I could have shit that was never meant for me. I am waiting for something and someone that will never happen. I am the dreamer that you saw in class. Not with anyone never without anyone. Always alone in thought. Always alone in heart. Always alone in body and soul. I am what is when there is nothing left that is good in life. The emptyness that fills your night. The forgotten one. The faceless one. I am the sick one. I am the quiet one. I AM the sad one with a smile. Because noone really cares as long as you smile.

Ignorance is bliss

Label me as you wish. I am without a group

Look a happy little goatman with a weapon

 Thanks    2004-04-09 06:51:28 ET
I never fucking asked anybody to read my rants.

Uber dork: Hmm... so I guess this means one less dipshit on, yeah?
Well, no, probably not, because this isn't a REAL suicide note. I don't think people who are serious about this shit are going to post it on some stupid journal on the internet. Yes, go cut yourself. Slit your wrists in the wrong direction, don't let it go in deep enough, 'cause you're a pussy.
Get over your non-existent "depression." Christ. You have nothing to be wasting your life over. Do something productive, it will make you happy

Uber Dork: actually, that was the first post I read, and I've already decided to stop reading it after that piece of shite I just read

Whore would you like to live a day in my life? How about watching your best friend go closer to the edge everyday wondering what the hell you should do? Yes I have a problem. Yes I bitch a lot and Fuck you! And no I don't always have something to be depressed about but I can't help that half the time either. So go about your goddamn business and ignore me like the rest of the FUCKING world!

 Fuck this shit    2004-04-08 19:36:08 ET
I'm going to go cut something and watch it bleed for awhile then I'm going to pass out and pray I don't wake. I've had enough. I hate this erradic depression shit

 Questioning things    2004-04-08 19:21:38 ET
Joe's faith that he was God was questioned by me again.
We are a creature with such a complex mind that we ourselves absolutely need a creator because ours is so organized. If that is so would our creator not need a creator? Where did God come from. None of that omniescience crap either!
He had no response so he ignored me. God I hope I got through to him. I'm so worried. I almost cried.

I've stopped taking my meds for just over a year. The first 2 sets of them I took were placebos. The next four only accomplished in making my hallucinations and depression bouts more irregular. I'm a little worried about myself.

You know life is fucked up when you drive home drunk just to see if you can die along the way...

 Goin out to cause trouble!    2004-04-08 08:02:47 ET
But theres too many surveilance cameras around town soooooo

insta not get caught

 Gnome Liberation Front    2004-04-08 07:09:09 ET
Okay I doubt that any of you are familiar with the Gnome Liberation Front. So heres the deal with them. I think last year or the year before that there was a problem with some kids jacking people's lawn gnomes. The total count added up to about 1000 gnomes. The most expensive gnome was a $1500 gnome. But at the end of the summer they returned the gnomes to the police station so no loss and no harm came to the little guys. They made the papper AND the news... But the worst part of it all? I know the bastards who did this! They happen to be a few friends that I met through the game. Now me and my buddies HAVE to top that. We've made the paper before for causing smaller mischief but not for an entire summer havin people wondering what the hell is going on. Maybe next year when all those damn christmas trees are all piled up in the swimming pool parking lot we'll light those on fire

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