Anomalism 01-10.16 I realy should do this more often.
2016-01-10 23:20:34 ET

here I am again with nothing between my annual updates. Shamefull of me I know. I do have some big ( for me) changes to share. After 17 years with Davey Tree Company and 34 years in the grounds management, I did about 9 months ago walk away from that industry likely for good. I got tired of only working 8 months out of the year because winter work is in my area unreliable. My arborist certification and my pesticide license have failed to get for me the opportunities that I was promised. But my CDL which I have had for 20 years stepped up and opened the door to a job that is steady year round that has good benefits. I did not want to say too much (or anything really) until I was sure I could do the new job. It is after all very different from what I've been doing for all of my adult life. So far I have been able to keep up (just) and I like the job. Oh and also I am now 20088.2 rotations of this planet old, another orbit around the big yellow thing in the sky and happy to be here and to begin another.

2016-01-12 07:30:08 ET

Happeh Birfday! Getting a new job is tough when you have so much invested into it but it sounds like it was a very positive change.

2016-01-15 04:54:33 ET

Thank you it has been. The normal work week is about 55 hrs year round, so the money is there. The hardest part for some one with mild add like me is staying laser focused on the moment instead of having half my mind some where else, because I'm almost never completely wherever I am. Fortunately over time as the routine and muscle memory developed the focus issue is becoming less of a problem.

2016-01-20 15:32:02 ET

Change is almost always good, even if it does not produce the desired result. Happiest of days, my friend.

2016-01-26 16:28:27 ET

How many rotations is that around the galactic core?

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