Anomalism 01-11.15 19723 rotations
2015-01-11 06:40:15 ET

Yesterday I passed 19722.96 rotations of this planet. It was uneventful, I had pizza and imperial stout for dinner, a pleasant day. Today I will cast and size some projectiles for reloading and carry some fire wood to the porch, I will have to cut down another dead or dieing tree soon. There are a couple near the house but they are large and will be dangerous to fell, not so much to me as to the house if they should fall wrong.

2015-01-11 07:51:29 ET

dark stout + raspberry lambic = woah.

2015-01-11 09:02:24 ET

Happeh Birfday!

2015-01-11 17:46:12 ET

And thus the Uber Untrustables march forward. Many congratulations, and good luck with your deforestation project.

2015-01-12 06:52:14 ET

Thank you all very much. I noticed to my shame that I have not posted this past orbit of the bright yellow thing in the sky. Irresponsible of me I know.

2015-01-12 07:28:37 ET

What caliber(s) are you reloading?

2015-01-13 03:42:33 ET

All 9mm class(.355,.357,.360)+ anything in 44 caliber (.427-.436), and anything in .45 calibers (.450-.454), which covers most of the normal handgun calibers. I also fabricate 10.4 Italian ordinance for my Glisenti ,44webley for my Adams constabulary revolver, and 41 Swiss for my vetterli rifle. I also have an 1870s Zulu shotgun that is only proofed for black powder so I have to hand load black powder shot shells if I want it to not explode when I shoot it. So you see why I put the qualifier with the insanely dangerous hobby statement. Dangerous yes but insanely so is still a ways off by my reckoning.

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