Anomalism 07-04.13 It has been ten years.
2013-07-04 07:55:24 ET

My first post here was July 4th 2003. I am not as active here as I used to be. I mostly lurk and sometimes comment these days mostly. I still do the same type of work that I was doing then and I was able to get enough done in 3 days to have today and tomorrow off. Oddly I do have to work Saturday though. No parades out here in the sticks, all pretty quiet unless some one falls off the cliff,(which people still don't understand is my back yard not park land, or maybe they just don't care). I still chase em off some times if I'm up there. I don't have any plans for the day, I may go down to the garage and make some bullets for my Webley ( which is what you have to do when you buy a gun they stopped making in 1884 if you want to shoot it). Not much else to report other than I'm glad that here is still here to report at.

2013-07-04 12:16:54 ET

Happy anniversary! Hope you and Hex are doing well. :)

2013-07-13 17:31:39 ET

Being here is it's own reward, I think.

2013-07-13 17:56:34 ET

I think it is.

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