Things I adore in this life:
Tattoos and piercings
my friends
my niece who always makes my day

there's gotta be  

2012-03-10 12:25:29 ET

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Things.2012-02-07 08:14:42 ET

- House is going well. I fixed my toilet yesterday. Huzzah!
- Got a new dog. Hopefully she works out. Getting used to a new dog/dog getting used to new house and pets is never easy.
-Started watching the Tudors. There's lots of sex. that's all I know.
- looking for a new job here in STL. My current one has some shady dealings going on, and I feel like it's only a matter of time before we're all fired.
- Ryan was over last night and he's simply amazing. I like him very much.
- <3

Hey SK!2012-01-30 18:36:11 ET

I'm so happy! :D

2012-01-25 18:30:20 ET

Can I just say I'm so glad that Ryan sees sex the same i do?

Now I can't wait to get him in bed.

i didn't know2012-01-22 19:12:27 ET

how much i missed being just held and kissed without agenda. sex is obviously fun and amazing and all that. but it was so nice just to lay with him and talk.

i am in serious like with this person. he's so affectionate and didn't give me shit about my hair being a mess after my shower this morning. i know that sounds weird, but i guess i'm trying to say that i'm totally comfortable around him.

i was sorry to see him leave this afternoon.

but i shall see him again sunday and perhaps before then :)

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