The future
2010-01-23 01:01:52 ET

So the way I figure it should work out like this. I get back to Tucson in late 2011, start at the U of A in spring 2012, graduate spring 2013, start grad school fall 2013. There are plans for after that, but they're a bit amorphous currently.

We're saving our money, very well I might add. I'll also have the new GI Bill to help pay for school and housing. We'll be living on the cheap, but if we live like no one else now we can live like no one else later.

2010-01-23 04:33:09 ET

good luck

2010-01-23 12:30:10 ET

Good planning but don't get too static with them, as I've found plans sometimes change. As turbo said, "good luck".

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