hillary wanted to bomb syria and now trump is doing it.
2018-04-14 01:14:02 ET

here's a song from 2001 that shouldn't still be relevant, yet here we are.

2018-04-16 01:31:38 ET

Thank you..I'm so tired of my the rabid Clinton supporters on my Facebook feed ranting about how we wouldn't be doing this if Trump hadn't been elected, despite her desire to bomb Syria being literally the first thing Clinton felt the need to talk about publicly after losing the election.

2018-04-16 02:08:14 ET

on policy positions in general i have always found and continue to find, even with the most basic level of digging and investigation, virtually no substantial difference between hillary and trump. additionally, so far as narcissistic personality disorder and pathological lying go, i can't really find much of a difference either. one is just slightly better at faking tact, being conniving, and stringing together somewhat coherent sentences than the other is.

as for each one's voter base, i'd say rabid clintonites in general are much more stubbornly stupid on purpose than trump voters. most trump voters were only bamboozled by him over the last few years, and a significant chunk have now realized this and are waking up to the reality that they were fooled. clintonites meanwhile have been blindly worshiping their lord and savior since the 90s and still hold strong to their endless blind devotion. i'm more or less convinced clinton's followers are mostly NPD cases themselves, enabled and emboldened by her endless blatant and open dysfunctionality - at least if their inane rantings on social media say anything about their psyche.

i definitely don't miss facebook in this regard. twitter is bad enough.

2018-04-16 17:04:11 ET

I remember when I heard Hilary Clinton was being touted as the "progressive candidate", I laughed and laughed, and then immediately curled into a ball and cried. Also, it really bothered me how nobody was interested in the obvious subversion of the democratic process committed by the DNC once it was clear Clinton had lost to Trump. I suppose by then there were bigger fish to fry.

Then you have people who were afraid of Bernie Sanders and that he was somehow going to achieve turning the United States into a socialist nightmare over night. I suppose, forgetting, that enacting that sort of policy is impossible, anything put forth by Sanders that was too far outside the pale never would've been passed.

What do you guys make of the Russia/Trump connection? I have only been following it peripherally as the entire presidential run has been exhausting and I have a hard enough time keeping up with Canadian politics, which are also getting incredibly polarized. Long story short, I don't know what the evidence is or what it amounts to.

2018-04-16 18:54:12 ET

i don't really have time at the moment to discuss a lot of this as in depth as i'd like to here... but i would say to check out the following youtube channels, as they more or less share my thoughts on all of the above:



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