omg iOS update
2018-04-06 21:55:11 ET

me: <updates #iOS>
me: <immediately checks to see if apple, who still hasn’t hired me, has hired some other designer or QA person to actually fix the completely fucking stupid landscape layout for maps>
hmm... nope. still stupid as fucking shit. sorry steve.

2018-04-09 05:35:21 ET

Landscape layout?

2018-04-09 19:42:58 ET

portrait = upright orientation of device
landscape = sideways/lengthwise orientation of device (i presume you know this and maybe just didn't understand how i phrased it)

basically since iOS 10 or 11 (can't remember for sure - but at least for a year now) the landscape orientation of maps has had arguably the dumbest UI design of any major app on the planet. the actual map portion, which, prior to this version, would become wider and fill up the whole screen when you tilted your phone into landscape mode, is now roughly the exact same size it is in portrait orientation, rendering the option to even switch from portrait to landscape mode completely useless, with the added tediousness of virtually all UI elements and info in landscape mode being forcibly shoved into this large, immovable space on the left half of the screen at all times, clogging up what used to be a larger area of the map.

the previous version had additional UI elements and info neatly tucked at the top and bottom of the screen instead which made way more sense and could be swiped away entirely if needed. but not anymore - and it's been this way for a long time without any apparent recognition of how godawful it is from apple themselves, and it's sort of baffling coming from a company that i still generally otherwise like, especially from a design standpoint. they should really know better. the whole layout is just obscenely off balance at all times and i'm far from the only designer / user who incessantly rants about it as they perplexingly just leave it this way. it's essentially bad design on purpose.

i had dinner with a bay area friend recently who helped found NeXT with steve jobs and continued on with him when he returned to apple, and he agrees with me that steve would have likely fired whoever has made and kept it this way in a heartbeat and they've been making some really weird decisions lately. i'm honestly wondering about the direction apple's mobile department is heading if they don't start hiring some outside thinkers again. as much as i still prefer my iphone overall to competing devices, some of this stuff is just so patently non-apple-like and it's really frustrating as a designer to watch it keep happening and just wonder who the fuck they're paying for this shit.

2018-04-12 13:55:48 ET

Yeah, but Apple maps has always been terrible.

2018-04-12 16:10:31 ET

i respectfully disagree on that. functionally apple maps was pretty buggy for the first several months of its existence but that's really about it, which is why it hasn't garnered anymore bad press since that initial launch. in more recent years i've found apple maps to be far more useful than google maps overall, having used both equally enough to come to that conclusion. UI problems notwithstanding, for navigation, particularly in the city with apple's vastly better transit system integration over google, i still like apple maps more than enough to not go back to google - which the last time i used it drove me to two dead ends in BFE and really isn't as good as it used to be. plus there's the added bonus that, unlike google, apple doesn't sell my location to 3rd parties and the government or use their map-mobiles to hack peoples' wifi passwords.

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