2018-03-03 04:55:08 ET

someone please explain to me why gun-toting neocons simultaneously and endlessly insist that:

a. america is the best country ever.

b. america is a country so paranoid and shitty that everyone in it must own guns in order to shoot our horrible government when they inevitably turn on us.

2018-03-05 12:39:50 ET

Our government is shitty, and wet must always be ready to defend ourselves against it.
An armed society is a polite society.

2018-03-05 17:46:17 ET

i would simply counter that:

a. 99% of the currently developed world has already disproven that theory
b. 100% of controlled scientific tests on shooter scenarios have definitely disproven that theory

i'd recommend checking out the book "gun fight" by adam winkler - it does a good job erasing all of the propaganda (on both the left and the right) surrounding the facts about guns and gun ownership in the US both present day and historically.

this video also summarizes a lot but is worth a watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2ZvxaSz5zk

we've now killed more innocent people inside our own country with guns than we've killed in our endless foreign wars. it's clearly not making us a polite society.

thanks sincerely for the comment, though. i post stuff like this on SK that's basically the same sort of stuff i'm posting a lot more of elsewhere online, and it generally gets much more of a response and conversation elsewhere online. i oft-times feel like most folks on this tiny site don't really care about challenging how they may look at society and that's one of the big reasons i deleted my account for a while.

2018-03-11 05:44:49 ET

You're welcome.
I argue online all the time, at times I'm informed and know what I'm tlaking, and other times I'm spouting off disinformation...

2018-03-11 09:17:06 ET

I don't like being combative here just cuz it's a peaceful place and want to preserve the status quo... fuck, I'm old.

2018-03-11 19:18:14 ET

ha... i try to maintain peaceful conversation wherever i can. i don't know if that's a sign of being old - just a sign of being mature and knowing what's worth investing a certain amount of energy into vs what isn't.

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