2017-09-10 02:39:35 ET

the roommates moved to italy which means i'm now getting settled into the front master bedroom; upgrading to a king size bed and curved san francisco victorian bay windows. this also means the kid fully has his own room now and another friend he likes a lot will be moving into our old room shortly.

i never make personal bullshit posts like these cause they seem so pointless to me at this point in my life, especially on a site such as this, but maybe this is more for personal reflection than anything.

i remember once, what feels like ages ago, when i (and everyone else, for that matter) was still more active on this site, during one of the number of years that i was in and out of homelessness and, quite frankly, surrounded by some seriously shitty people both on here and in real life, i made some sort of aspirational life post here. i can't recall what exactly it was about, but i'm pretty sure it pertained to looking for a specific sort of living situation at the time. someone on here made the sardonic response of asking me if beggars could be choosers. my answer, at the time, was yes, and i'm sure i added more words than just yes, though in retrospect i don't know what i was trying to prove to them or anyone else.

sitting next to me on my bed as i type this in a moment of quiet solitude is a fortune i got from panda express after moving here - one that i've hung onto:

a great pleasure in life is doing what others say you can't

2017-09-10 06:01:52 ET

That's a nice window! I hope it's positioned so that the sun doesn't blind you. I've had a few offices like that and it always done me up a wall.

2017-09-11 00:15:46 ET

it's flanked by a couple trees on each side and faces another row of multi-story victorians across the street. it roughly faces west, so i get a pretty short blurb of semi-direct sunlight before sunset, but that's pretty much it, and it gets filtered by one of the trees and disappears behind the other buildings pretty quickly. definitely can't complain 👌

2017-09-19 09:13:03 ET

I haven't logged in here for almost a year, and saw "turboskanker" on the front page, thinking WTF blast from the past. Welcome back Lars!

2017-09-19 13:44:09 ET

heya! yeah i'm not sure how much i'll keep using this thing or if i'll stop using it altogether again but i'll at least keep it here for anyone wanting to contact me. FYI if you have an iphone you can text me internationally for free, if you feel like (: 1-415-716-7136 is my number.

2017-09-22 13:46:42 ET

Very cool window! Never seen curved glass in sliding windows like that. AND trees? score :)

2017-09-22 17:06:56 ET

i hadn't really noticed them anywhere prior to moving here myself, but they're fairly common in a lot of these these old victorian buildings around san francisco, though still less common than the more traditional half-hexagonal / trapezoidal window bays. a lot of victorian buildings here (including the one across the street from me - i'll drop a picture of that here as well) also have turrets with these types of curved sliding windows all the way around them.

the trees are nice most of the year but the past few days they've been pooping pollen like crazy and as a result i've kept my windows shut due to unstoppable sneezing d-;

2017-09-23 19:49:02 ET

There's a lot of those curved victorian windows here in the older homes in Atlanta.

2017-09-25 00:38:08 ET

i'm a fan. also nice to know you stopped hating me. d-;

2017-09-26 20:20:04 ET

voted the most loved/hated person on SK. lol (i dont know what im talking about)

2017-09-26 21:33:36 ET

heh. after my initial few years on SK in the site's infancy i just stopped fitting in well here i guess. i never really knew what to do with that which is ultimately why i left. but i never stopped loving anyone here, even if some decided they didn't like me very much. so here i am again, for some reason. d-;

2017-09-27 14:38:56 ET

It's cause you don't listen. Like really listen.

2017-09-29 01:16:45 ET


2017-09-29 01:21:18 ET

with all due respect i'm not sure where you're coming from with that statement since i haven't heard from you in ages and i have no idea what you may have said to me however many years ago that you feel i didn't listen to. so maybe you're the one not communicating? or maybe you're just projecting something else onto me with that statement. it's the internet, so i have no way of knowing.

furthermore, i can only gage the microcosm of experience i've had with the relatively few folks on SK vs my vastly lengthier and larger amount of experience with everyone else in my life and the world at large whom i've come into contact with and held as friends - not only in real life but also literally everywhere else on the internet.

the only real haters i've ever had in my life are or have been on this website. so, while i will freely admit that i've certainly never been a perfect person, i have to feel that the problem is really more in the mentality of a lot of folks who would exist on a site called "subkultures" than it is with me. this is one of many reasons why i left this site when i did - it was a point where i was really active in my real-life social life and getting sick of the prevailing mindset i saw here at the time which, to me, seemed like a bunch of kids perpetually sitting in the corner complaining about their lives while not really actively working on solving any of their so-called problems. again, this was my perspective of SK around the time i left. it didn't apply to everyone here - but it definitely applied to many here. i even fit that bill at one time myself, i'm sure. i just grew out of "subcultures" and into the rest of the human race - and my presence here just didn't seem beneficial either to me or to anyone else here after a while.

at any rate, it seems to me like complaining that someone isn't listening to you on the internet is like complaining that you can't go fishing in the desert. SK isn't exactly a coffee shop or another such intimate setting where we're actually sitting down and having a real, proper conversation - or even a phonecall, for that matter. so i fail to see your point. maybe that's not me not listening - maybe it's just you not communicating with me beyond this medium. if you'd like to do that, the link to my iphone to call me is in my bio.

2017-09-29 15:27:48 ET

I'm glad you didn't bring Danzu back.

2017-09-29 17:42:04 ET

hahaha. yeah. i ended up having to kick her out of my place which she was crashing at at the time after she nearly destroyed my apartment more than once and even got the cops called due to her psychotic behavior. that was a time. i think after 3 of those relationships i've finally learned to stop dating batshit crazy abusive women. x_x

2017-09-29 18:21:23 ET

At least you learned!

2017-09-29 18:29:15 ET

this is true.

2017-09-29 21:46:03 ET

It was a half assed joke.

2017-09-29 23:13:52 ET

jokes are hard to read through the internet too ):

back when i worked at myspace, a friend of mine (actually used to be on SK as well for a time) came up with the "sarcasm airplane" where, whenever something sarcastic was said on the internet, it was to be immediately followed up by a picture of an airplane to denote sarcasm.

...we thought it was funny. d-:

2017-10-10 10:59:21 ET

Hey, you got my joke right? I'm glad you are here. I don't know if fitting in is what this community is about. I appreciate the content you share even if it isn't always relevant to my interests. Glad to know you are doing well. Know that nobody needs anyone's fucking approval. I have to remind myself constantly to not take life too seriously. I hope you smile often and sending you a big interweb hug.

2017-10-10 19:12:05 ET

thanks <3

also yes i got your joke d-; i'm all about self-deprecation. heh

and i don't know - i guess it's not so much 'fitting in' per-se as it is cliquey mindsets (subcultures) vs, well, basically the opposite of that (me). i tend to have a lot less vitriol flung at me literally everywhere else in / the majority of my life as opposed to SK. i just outgrew the "scene" mindsets that led to both me signing up for this site in the beginning, and largely what the whole concept of "subcultures" are founded on in the first place. granted, this site clearly is a long way now in general from its founding principles.

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