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2017-06-14 20:41:19 ET

in the wake of today's events let's all be crystal clear about something:

the US has the largest amount of gun violence and gun deaths in the developed world because we have the worst gun laws and the worst mental health infrastructure in the developed world, allowing for more mentally unstable people to own guns in this country than anywhere else in the developed world.

shootings in america don't happen because of trump, or because of bernie, or because of isis, or because of violent video games, or because of any other BS excuse the shooter has at the time. shootings in america happen because mentally unstable americans are allowed to own guns. period.

it's absolutely DISGUSTING how the mainstream media reports stories like this. when nearly 100% of americans support common sense gun regulation and background checks and less than 5% of either political party in DC shares that support when it comes to actual policy, what does the media do? it tries to smear the one guy who's NOT bought by the NRA and has consistently fought for policies to actually stop shootings like this.

wake up, people. the media is playing you all for fools.

as an addendum: https://youtube.com/watch?v=x8CtXkkTOL0

2017-06-15 19:19:10 ET

1 - People with mental health issues are people, and still deserving of rights. There should be no removal of those rights without due legal process.

2 - There is no evidence that any mental health diagnosis is predictive of mass shootings. Even if you take mass shooters with mental health disorders, they do not all share the same disorders. Yet in many cases, they do not meet criteria for any mental health disorder.

3 - People with mental health issues will not be made better by stripping them of rights and dignity, nor by scapegoating them. We used to 'treat' these people by locking them away in asylums, and it was incredibly inhumane. Look into the history on it before you try to persecute your fellow humans for the crime of being unhealthy. All it will do is encourage people not to seek help for fear of being treated as a criminal.

4 - If nearly 100% of Americans supported the same gun regulations, it wouldn't be a contentious issue. "Common sense" changes from person to person. Step outside your bubble, and you'll see a full spectrum of opinions on guns ranging far beyond what extremists on both ends loudly discuss at every opportunity.

2017-06-15 20:05:54 ET

i denoted common sense gun regulation, not whatever insanity you're on about.

also, if i'm understanding you right, you're essentially telling me that you're perfectly fine with mentally unstable people with a propensity for violent behavior, instability, and a criminal and/or mental health background indicating as such, owning guns. though you're not really making much sense pertaining to the point of this entry either way, so i can't be sure.

as a final note, i don't live in a bubble. i've lived around the US from the remote farm where i spent half of my childhood in north dakota, to los angeles, and every sort of place in between. my father was a hunter growing up and owns several guns. my parents now live in montana, a state rife with guns, and i now live in san francisco, the only city in the country with zero gun stores - also, for whatever it's worth, SF also has the lowest rate of violent crime and gun deaths of any city in the country, a stat that has consistently continued to drop in recent years.

i have studied the data on this issue quite extensively, nationally as well as globally, on a case-by-case and location-by-location basis - from gun violence and death statistics, to polling data nationally, to scientific research studies that demonstrate general safety levels in various situations with or without guns. i attend police citizen review board meetings here in the bay area that discuss such statistics and issues nationally as well as globally based on hard science and evidence, not politics. it seems clear, based on what little information you've given me here and by apparently missing the point that this entry was making, that you're presuming a lot, you know quite little about the topic, and you're jumping to conclusions based on the bubble that you yourself live in and then projecting that onto me.

again, that's just my presumptions based on what you said. it seemed relatively incoherent to me, though, and generally off-point to my post.

as a good starting point for showing how wrong all the extremists are on both sides of this issue from a scientific and historical standpoint, i recommend picking up the book "gunfight" by adam winkler. and from there, do some actual research and stop just blindly regurgitating NRA/gun manufacturer talking points.

2017-06-15 23:22:35 ET




2017-06-20 12:37:03 ET

Been thinking about you lately. I'd call but my phone is broken. My mom actually asked about you and hoped you were doing well. <3 Love you dear.

Also... sorry this response has zero to do with your post. LOL

2017-06-24 03:36:26 ET

haha... that's ok it's an appropriate response anyway! you can get at me via any of the links in my bio on here - which is really the main reason i re-made this page, so if i stop using it altogether again, at least those on here too lazy to google me will have a direct link to all my contact info if they still want to get ahold of me. lol. i've been thinking of you too and wanting to call for a followup on everything. shoot me a text when you get your phone fixed <3

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