2017-06-01 02:07:53 ET

As the title suggests, I love dick and balls. Especially when fresh out of the shower. I love it when a guy wears some tight shorts so his bulge shows when it grows. When it starts growing is when I start touching, licking and sucking. If you want nothing more than head, then you've come to the right place. I love to service guys to completion. Lick your mushroom head all down the shaft until I get to those balls. I'll fit both of them in my mouth and lick them and make them wet. Especially love balls that sag low. If your lady isn't giving you the attention your cock deserves then let me fulfill your needs. I believe a beautiful cock should be worshipped. If you are interested in this add, respond with pics. Good hygiene is a must. No dick cheese or anything like that. This is 100% Disceet and no strings attached head. If I don't reply right away it's because I'm busy or have a lot of responses to this add.

2017-06-01 07:35:28 ET

I too forget to sign out from time to time.

2017-06-01 07:52:22 ET

It's actually hard to tell if it's legit with Lars.

2017-06-01 12:18:15 ET

Valid argument.

2017-06-01 14:19:44 ET

i hit up craigslist last night out of boredom before bed, found this post, and thought it was the most hilarious fucking thing ever at the time. now it's SK's problem. as the title suggests, no dick cheese or anything like that. add.

2017-06-01 16:58:36 ET

Man I posted something like this once only it was a spam email I got and thought was funny, but then a few of my friends found my SK (this was before I set it to private)

2017-06-01 17:19:54 ET

ha. given my profession in creative industry and the friends i tend to keep, i'm pretty sure anyone i know that found this would just think it par for the course with me.

2017-06-20 12:35:34 ET

HAHAHA woooow.

2017-06-24 03:33:43 ET

basically yes.

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