2017-01-11 17:52:35 ET

2017-01-19 01:34:19 ET

hi Scuba-Tanker

2017-01-20 23:42:56 ET

hi! you still in oakland? we still should get together. my life got kinda crazy for a while but it's calmed down again now.
415-716-7136 yo

2017-01-22 19:36:41 ET

yup im in OAk, you down for happy hour tuesday?

2017-01-22 19:59:27 ET

i'm kinda buried in work til the end of the week this week - how's this next weekend lookin? i'm in SF still but moved from the castro to alamo square. i'm down to meet wherever here or east bay though. (:

2017-01-23 23:04:07 ET

on the weekend I'm good for lunchtime on saturday . Does that work for you?

2017-01-23 23:14:30 ET

potentially. depends on my schedule with my son. i'll let you know though - your number still the same?

2017-01-24 12:16:34 ET

Yep. I'm going to be busy Saturday as well so we will have to do Sunday if that works for you

2017-01-24 13:15:27 ET

cool sunday's probably better

2017-01-24 18:31:36 ET

Sundays busy now :( unless you wanna grab breakfast or something lawl

2017-01-24 23:04:31 ET

prolly not but next week should be more open for me if you have time then anytime

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