i honestly have no fucking clue why i got an account again
2016-10-26 01:07:08 ET

but here i am anyway. i may or may not stick around with any remote semblance of regularity, but at least those of you still here who care to keep in contact with me now have a constant link to my website which in turn has a constant link to my email and iphone as well as various other things that you can use to stalk me pretty much everywhere.

the oddest thing about this site for me is how little some folks on it have apparently changed over the years. granted, one can only tell so much from an online persona, especially on a site that in and of itself hasn't really changed, but it's a weird feeling to be someone who's life has maintained a very steady momentum and progress to see others seemingly still in the same place personally and physically that they were in a decade, two decades, ago. i'm obviously not making a blanket statement on everyone here - just that it seems to be the case for a good number of profiles. i feel like channeling genesis p-orridge in saying "i kept saying change, change, change - and nobody wanted change."

well, anyway, i could blather on further here about various details and elements of progress in my life since i was last here but, eh - didn't anyone on SK ever read the part of the TOS where it says it's not supposed to be a journal site? it would seem that part of my own growth has been the realization that i'd rather talk about such things in actual conversation with people who are willing to listen. also i've come to learn that when one is truly on one's path in life, the need to prove anything to anyone else just sort of goes away in the process.

in sum: life is. so you better live it.


2016-11-04 02:03:37 ET

i only care to see spawn photos

2016-11-04 06:41:36 ET



2016-11-04 12:27:09 ET


2017-02-03 18:59:03 ET

I just read the TOS recently and was like "oh hey I'm sk'ing wrong".

2017-02-05 02:17:39 ET

haha right? like literally everyone ignored that section.

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