I'm back baby!!!!
2016-07-10 20:35:39 ET

Sooooo...after about a ten year hiatus, I'm back! These old pictures are crazy! Damn, look how great I used to look. Not quite as lean, just as mean.
Updates: still in the U.S. Army, a Staff Sergeant now (all growds up, ha), at Fort Bragg now. Close to retirement. Still driving the old Honda since 03 yikes, about to trade up, earned my bachelor's, working on the masters, learned to surf, fronting my own brass band, my baby girl just turned one. Good to be back. Missed your shining faces.

2016-07-10 20:40:55 ET

Welcome back!

2016-07-10 22:12:24 ET

Wow, that is quite an update. Congratulations on everything, especially the fatherhood part.

2016-07-10 23:36:10 ET

Just left Bragg (525 MIB). What do ya do in the army?

2016-07-11 05:57:42 ET

:) friend! Haha

2016-07-11 21:10:31 ET

Got married to an amazing girl too!

2016-07-11 21:11:12 ET

Hey Drake. I'm a 42R Army musician, sax specifically

2016-07-12 03:22:37 ET

welcome back!

2016-07-12 18:54:08 ET

Nice! Really love Army musicians. I do not envy the amount of standing at formations you guys have to do.

2016-08-01 09:27:20 ET

You're so old now :D

2016-10-18 18:29:26 ET

Hey there stranger. Congratulations on so much success! I'm so happy to hear you are doing well and moving ever forward. <3

Vasa... dude, we're all old now. LOL

2017-09-22 13:32:13 ET

welcome back!
congrats on the little one! Babies are such a blessing.

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