Warriors tour
2006-05-06 10:30:12 ET

so, I'm long overdue for an update.
I saw P.O.D. on Thursday. They were awesome!!!
They played at the Earthlink live venue in Atlanta, Ga.
I also got to meet them before the show.
Others performing were: Pillar, Chariot, and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster.
Rockin show
Jah Love, Pete

2006-05-06 11:18:32 ET

You live!

:) That's great!

2006-06-03 05:11:00 ET

Pete...I was looking through all my old PMs from years ago, like in 2003...I miss you! So much! And all the messages we used to send back and forth!

2006-10-11 19:09:15 ET

PETE! come back to SK! we miss you!

2006-11-12 07:37:08 ET

havnt read your page in a while. hows it going?

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