Just a crazy kid who likes to hear some good music ^_~.
Welcome to my page anyway, my name is Yam and i'm 16 =] i live in israel currently and hate it :P.
Just remmber this, banans are sexy. very sexy.

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Love sucks, hard.2006-03-18 07:54:34 ET

Well, im good as dead.
I'm involved with 3 girls, not by my choice ofcourse... but by thier and my... well... you know =\.
Now i'm not the cheating-bastard type (and technicly im not one right now since i didn't commit to any one of these girls or hinted a chance of commiting...)
I Have 3 girls maybe you can help me "choose" cause i don't want to keep fooling 2 other girls...
The first one is a cool, free and funny girl and she really likes me and i like her, but she lives quiet far andi can't quiet trust her (since her personalty is frighteninly like mine).
the other one has, had a boyfriend and she cheated on him... well... with me, but anyway, she broke up with him right after we've been toghter... which was yesterday.
and also yesterday (after i was with her) i went to a party with 2 of my friends, the host was the girl in the last picture i gave ya'll (from the purim party), and we hooked up.
After we hooked up i thought i will chose her over the other 2, and then in the morning, i was told she broke up with her boyfriend...... for me :|.
So now i got the choose,
the first girl is kinda out cause she lives far, although she's perfect for me.
the second one broke up with her boyfriend for me, she's sweet and good looking but sometimes i feel like we don't have alot in common, or atleast not discoverd, we just enjoy each other's company.
and the third, she's cool, nice, good looking girl. also we have some common things like music and movies and that stuff.

So you guys who now know all the details, with whom should i go?

in other note,
i love cheese, god that cheese in a can is a blissssssss.

Thank you all!2006-03-15 20:35:14 ET

Thx for commenting on my first post! i apprciete it very much ^_^.
Well i don't have alot to tell you guys about, it was Purim (like hallowen in israel) here and i went to Tel-Aviv (kinda like a much smaller New York) with my friends and we had an awesome time! that was the best trip ever! i bought a fake Zippo lighter which dosen't work anymore :P but who cares ^_^.
We did all sorts of things there, my friend bought a butterfly dagger and that stupid asshole forgot we had to take the train back home. meaning he will be checked for hot and cold weapons, so we sharpend our skills at smuggling weapons to a public place and we succeded! :).
We also went to a bong shop which was really cool and ofcouse i had to say to the owner to keep the good job becuase selling this things must be hard althoguh it's legal i guess the police keep a close eye on that shop.
We also went in to a VANS shop to see a HUGE and cool Alien Model (from the movie ALIENS), an Hellboy statue was there aswell! :) I don't have picutres right now but ill get some :).
But by far the best thing in Tel-Aviv is the girls, ohhhh those girls :) i just love tel aviv cause there's alot of punks and alternative generaly there, it's just like paradise :).

Well i don't have alot to tell you, right now i ditched school and while i was home i remmberd i had an english test today =\.
So anyway have a great day all :)
oh and here's a picture from the last costume party that took place 2 days ago :D i think @_@ i can't seem to remmber stuff lately, anyway,

Good day all :)

hello :)))2006-03-10 02:16:20 ET

I'm new here :))
looks like a nice cool spot :)

Ammmm my name is Yam (meaning in hebrew is "sea") i live in israel and im 16 :) i don't have anything really important to say... i've done my first piercing a month ago or so on my left lip :) labret.
I'm planning to do a barcode on my back-neck with my ID number :) and that's it for now ^_^.

I Like drawing (i don't enjoy it thou cause i suck :P) and manipulate photos in Photoshop :), you can check out my dark art gallery at: .

Anyway i have to go :) have a nice day everyone :))).