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  steveburnett    RTP, NC
Abstract: A technical author and musician in the RTP area of North Carolina.

I listen to feedback, play music most people call noise, raise scorpions and talk to the wind.

 Legendary Pink Dots    2006-06-24 06:04:08 ET
Thursday night I went to Local 506 to see the Legendary Pink Dots, perhaps the eighth(?) time I've seen them. LPD is one of my four core bands, partly because the lead vocalist EKS is one of my favorite hierophantic pathwalkers. Great show.

I took four snapshots during the show - they're a little blurry because I was trying not to use a flash. Need to look at settings on the camera [3]. I like the EXIT sign in this pic of Edward, and I snapped a pic of Niels showing off again and playing two saxophones at the same time.