2011-02-27 16:41:45 ET

Fear, and I disappeared. Rather like I did here only for different reasons. From here I disappeared because life walked over me. Thus, a break was needed. At that time I disappeared from life itself! I told the preschool that I was running from an abusive relationshkp and that I was afraid for my daughter. I changed her last name at the school. I moved within a week and rented a one bedroom apartment within a small complex under an assumed name in a different area of town. I told the other residents that my husband was a sailor and we had divorced. I said that I was in hiding because I was afraid of him. I kept my job at the insurance company because I was sure that no one knew I worked there.

The apartment complex was two story with the balcony overlooking the pool on the inside. There were two entrances into the complex. There were twenty apartments, all single people. Everyone from journalist for the paper to a musician for the Navy. What a kewl, cool, kewl place. We loved being there and we hid well.

2011-02-28 07:18:53 ET

I don't have much constructive to say, but I wanted to say welcome back, and your story is... interesting isn't quite the word, but it will serve.

2011-03-03 10:59:24 ET

Thank you, that will suffice.

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