2009-07-22 01:02:47 ET

I need friends or atleast someone to talk to on occation.

2009-07-22 07:51:19 ET

hello. :)

2009-07-23 17:15:06 ET

Hi how are you???

2009-07-23 18:21:16 ET

More importantly, how are you?

2009-07-23 18:46:40 ET

I wasnt so okay, but things are looking up

2009-07-23 18:53:48 ET

I'm glad for that.

2009-07-23 19:07:40 ET

You didnt answer my question...:)

2009-07-23 19:15:47 ET

I'm ok. All is decent.

2009-07-23 19:24:23 ET

Well the funny thing about decent, typically if ppl say it, they mean shitie....TYPICALLY

what are you up to??

2009-07-23 19:28:35 ET

When then, I'm doing horrible. When people do that, does it mean they're doing well? ;)

In all seriousness, things are good. I am in the process of not sleeping. It's an activity in which I often partake.

Y tu, rckonbebe?

2009-07-23 19:35:29 ET

Haha you seem very funny

I dont like it when people are good with thier words,
Or maybe I love it, i cant remeber.

I am listing to music, being lonely.

Not because of the music.

Because I can't relate to anuone I know...mostly

2009-07-23 20:53:37 ET

← Is not good with words. The GRE tells me so.

What is it that's keeping you from relating to anyone?

2009-07-23 21:01:46 ET


2009-07-23 21:05:17 ET

Mainly? I come from from the wrong side of the tracks.

Mostly, I have had the same friends since I was 7, but they all have this mentality... Well, they do the same thing that they have been since they were 12, and this okay with them. They have children, but aren't ready to get married, they get high all the time, drink, thier parents raise thier kids... Just ghetto.

It didn't bother me when I was younger even though I was never like that. However, everybody feels the need to judge me for things, such as cutting my hair, or getting too many peircings, then when they have a mess to clean up, they come to me because I am the responsible one.

Also, they just don't want to move forward, they are just content being...stagnat...

I mean fine, for them, but I want to be around people like me.

And maybe sometimes get mentally stimulated

2009-07-23 21:05:33 ET

I think you are good with words

2009-07-23 21:07:20 ET

people are amazing at being stupid. they're even more amazing at being uselessly judgmental and hypocritical.

2009-07-23 21:07:49 ET

What are "people like me"? What traits would these people possess that no one in your current crowd does?

2009-07-23 21:12:14 ET

Well that makes me feel better. And I am not being sarcastic

2009-07-23 21:12:38 ET


2009-07-23 21:25:58 ET

1)Drug free, or at the very least not constantly high, this includes liquor. So,if one is drinking they aren't trashed to the point of o' say thhrowing up, biting a cop, or blacking out also maybeSomeone who understands why,marrage, or atleast a commeted relationship, come before deciding to have kidds

2)Someone who is happy letting other be themselves, not they have to agree with everyone, but if they see someone diffent than them they dont have to go out of their way to make the other persons life misserable

3)Someone who likes to learn thingsoi...

4)Someone that has some sort of passion, with maybe a career or a hobbie, anything that they love and are excited about

5)Someone who likes to talk about philosphical things

6)Someone who tries to read

7)Someone who doesn't insult others because they possess some trait they wish they had


9)possibly as introspective as I am

I dunno just someone to pass the time with...and who likes me

2009-07-24 06:08:43 ET

These traits, for the most part, don't seem all that unreasonable, though a few could only be graded subjectively. Do you mean to say that no one you know possesses any of these traits or that no one person possesses all of them? Is each instantiated in a person you know, e.g. You can go to Jane to talk about philosophical thing?

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