no journal
2002-07-07 21:36:00 ET

I 'm sad cuz no one likes me.Ok so i lead a boring life,and every day I cheak my journal i am reminded that i have no friends...did i say it's been a bad month? O well.

2002-07-07 23:05:27 ET

i'm sorry to hear that... no one replies to my journals either and i'm unloved feeling... it sucks.... damn people!!! reply!!!!!

2002-07-07 23:11:58 ET

I'm trying to spread the replying love. I'll get you later punkrockgirl.

2002-07-08 03:54:22 ET

I'll be your friend!

If you post hawt piczzz of yourself you will have more!

2002-07-08 05:00:22 ET

aww...its otay..i there you go..your ultra special..

2002-07-08 13:05:27 ET

No one likes to reply in my journal cuz I don't think they even like reading it...cuz I write too much. It's this new generation of peeps with short attention spans, Lord forbid I write more than one sentence their heads might explode! :P

2002-07-08 13:40:49 ET

haha, you know we love you chrys....even if we do ignore you.

bio's hawt pic Idea sounds good as well

2002-07-09 05:13:02 ET

lol..exploding heads..that sounds like a band..sorry my short attention span is getting to

2002-07-09 08:37:32 ET

i think you're thinking of the "Talking Heads"... some 80's band.

2002-07-09 08:42:43 ET

i know who the talking heads are..they started new wave..i was just being a dumbass

2002-07-09 08:47:05 ET

is that what you were thinking of?

2002-07-09 08:53:47 ET


2002-07-09 09:12:27 ET

sorry then....

2002-07-09 09:13:37 ET

its biggie

2002-07-09 09:17:10 ET

yay! :)

2002-07-09 09:19:31 ET

im not a major dont get spooked ...

2002-07-09 10:02:30 ET


2002-07-09 10:05:50 ET


2002-07-09 10:48:29 ET

I dun know u, but I like u. :D I like everyone!!

2002-07-09 10:48:56 ET


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