ho-hum i'm un-popular
2002-07-06 12:22:31 ET

so no one repiles to my boring journal entries...oh well today is the crapest day ever...every sucks...its hot...have to keep my cothes on,cuz i live with other ppl live here...can't cut my black hair...there is only one thig about thick llong dark hair...the summer...any way I can't listen to my music...and my computer is really pissing me off...today is so great!!!>:/

2002-07-07 14:23:33 ET

you're so happy chrys....

2002-07-07 23:07:43 ET

I agree.... long thick dark hair is a bitch. I have thick curly dark hair. I just try to keep it up. It helps. Except when the son is beating down.

2002-07-08 13:07:37 ET

OMG, tell me about the long dark hair. Mine is pissing me off now. I gotta go get at least 6" trimmed off. Having long hair in the summer sucks!!! And I can't keep it up in a scrunchie or barrette for too long cuz its so thick and heavy, it gives me a freakin' headache. So...time for me to have my lovely locks chopped off...but only to my shoulders.

2002-07-08 13:36:54 ET

I've been giving thought to a short do. But i really like long hair...even if it is thick.

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