2002-07-03 22:51:47 ET

Hmmmm today I was angery at my friends mommi....which is odd 4 me... cuz she left us at the movies....if i was raped or killed on the way home, my mother would not only sue her until she didn't have 2 pnnies to rub togther she would make her life a living hell...anyway I just don't like it when people put my life in danger for their confort...seems a little childish putting other people's kids in danger becuse you are mad at your own...but thats just opion...But any way I'm new here so if you have anything instersting to say ..you can say it to me...I'll listan.

2002-07-03 22:56:41 ET

yup. that wa kinda mean of her.. o well we got home safe. hey! you forgot something in your bio.... " I like to brutally murder people with my pigtails" hehe. whoa! you're long-winded and you can't spell...... god I love making fun of you... hehe, welcome

2002-07-03 23:33:56 ET

yeah thats me killin' all foes with my hair?????

2002-07-05 13:11:34 ET

Welcome to sk. Get some picz of u up!

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