Nothing seems 2    2005-01-25 17:41:54 ET
My boyfriend doesn't think I was a virgin before him.

I'm a lier right?

Why would I lie about that?

I'm just not that kind of person


 Nothin Seems    2005-01-18 14:54:30 ET
Nothing ever seems to go right in my life.

So...Today I stayed home to get health insurance and foodstamps but I don't have a state or any sort of picture ID since my wallet got stolen. I was supossed to get one but, A new ID @ school cost $5 and and new state ID cost $4 but I don't have any cash.I would scounge up the money from my BF for a state ID(I'm not goin to borrow money for one that I would have to have a BC for it to be worth anything anyway,and cost 50cents more)if I had my Birth Certificate or SS card or any of that stuff, but when I went home to get all that stuff my father was there. I spent sometime outside of house contemplating weather or not to go in, because when he yells at me I am in the thrid grade again,and when he hit me I might as well be tissue paper,and since he told me that he didn't beleive that I loved him and that he didn't want to talk to me, I decided not to go in, then I went to fill out some applications because I really need a job,and then I went to my mother's work so she could get all those papers for me, and then I turned applications, and then I went home.

I will admit that I did act wrongly at red top, but I was really tired of being called stupid.

Amanda is mad at me and telling me that I am fucking up my life,and that I could have gotten every thing done that I needed if I hadn't have been fucking around, and that I am wrong and that she is right,and don't cry to her when I don't have a place to stay. I am really fed up with people telling me where they think I should be right now.

But Mabey if I had a car, or my pearents had taught me how to drive, or if I could see my father without having to worry about geting injured. Whatthefuckever
I COULD have gotten my shit done...SHE would have if SHE were ME.

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