2006-06-15 05:44:56 ET
the works have been fucked now

i see what is going on

i have never been happier to know that old friends

even though i fucked them

are still there for me.

thank you all.
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 The one has gone.    2006-06-14 10:32:02 ET
the skin is below

i raise my hand to you

and it is kissed

i trust in love

but it fails


that is

the feeling i had.

i dont know this

how do i express the feeling

i am seeing the end now

the future is now told

but it has changed.

how much longer is it to last

i wont know.

nor shal you

but who is to care

that i do.

not you

or the friends

that lost me

so now

all is left is for me to see

what is left to see

and once its done

ill leave it be.

     2006-06-08 06:05:03 ET
do you ever get that feeling that you kinda just wish everything would stop

and everyone would leave you alone

i think when i move out of this house.
(when ever that is)

im just going to live alone
for a long time

becuase having roommates kinda sucks now.

it was fun at first
but now almost a year later

im tired of it.

holy hell

next month is the one year mark for living up here..


i need to go somewhere else

i think it sucks here now too

not as much as london
i mean i love (some important people) in london
but it was hell

and now lexington is starting to feel the same
only with less people to love

i want to move away to somewhere
where no one knows me
(or maybe 1 or 2 people)
and then start fresh

Japan is looking more and more like a good choice

oh btw

im going there in the fall for a week or two
to see Shoko and her family
and stay with them
i am excited out my ass for that

im saving up now to go
im doing ok ($$$ wise)

altough i took Elune (the cat)
To the vet
that cost $126

but yeah i really want to move away.

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