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My name is Alex and I'm a native Floridian. Yes, I know there aren't too many of us. I'm in love with my amazing and "unmodified" boyfriend Kyle. We just moved in to a nice little one bedroom apartment community together in sunny Largo, FL.

I've been slowly collecting ink and holes since February of 2005, so by most people's standards I'm pretty new to this "modified people's" community. However, I feel I've been a part of it a lot longer as I've actively researched and attempted to be involved as much as possible since I was pretty young.

So far I have four tattoos and seven piercings.
And I also have a myspace if anyone cares.

 I hate gamers    2007-07-03 09:20:33 ET
They need to have their gaming consoles run over by semi-trucks. And their bank accounts and credit cards frozen so they can't buy more stupid gaming shit.

 my first entry    2007-07-02 15:51:52 ET
So, this is the first entry posted here, to anyone who has looked previously I'm sorry for not becoming more active sooner. Kyle and I have now spent two nights in our lovely, but small apartment and so far I'm loving it. I have two job interviews lined up for this week so we'll hope all goes well.