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 wow hello SK    2014-04-20 20:56:49 ET
I am amazed there is still somewhat of a community here.
It looks as though my last post was 4 years ago.
My original account was made when I was..oh geez, 12 I think?
13 years ago.


 8.    2010-01-04 11:11:27 ET

This weekend was crazy. I was lucky enough to serve on a committee for a conference we held in Boston. It would not have gone better. I hardly slept, and last night I over slept, and I have been living on a diet of cookies and fallafel all weekend...but it was worth it.

Tomorrow I go back to reality. Meaning work. Meaning..UGHH. I really have to get back to the gym, I'm such a fatty right now :(

 7.    2009-12-28 17:53:47 ET

Hello! If you have not seen let the right one in, I suggest you do. Young beautiful sweedish vampires that ice seem warm.

I have not posted for a few days because I manage a store that gets pretty crazy during the holiday season. I worked a little under 60 hours and have had one day off in about 15 days. ugh.

What I got for christmas
-Salad Spinner
Not just any salad spinner...this salad spinner is electric and also a food processor

Oster Blender
ALSO not just a blender...this has a food processor as well.

Only Revolutions by Mark Danielewski
A book by the guy who wrote house of leaves. I'd say this is way more of a difficult read than HOL.

Vegan Yum Yum
A new vegan cookbook that my brother got signed by the author for me. I already made the mac 'n' cheese. SOOO GOOD.

And some other crap. Anyway, I just put a put of silver yin zhen pearls on for tea, and then bed.

What did you get for christmas?

 6.    2009-12-16 17:43:43 ET

On the couch with these two. I have to get up at 5:30. Gross.

OH by the way, It is snowing! It is snowing, I am in my slippers and flannel eating oreos, watching the x-files. My life rules.

 5.    2009-12-16 12:43:33 ET
Ever since I quit smoking three weeks ago, all I want is cookies. Cookies, chocolate, sugar, candy. I have never craved something so much in my entire life. It almost hurts, in my gut.
Thankfully being a vegan I haven't gained as much weight as a lot of people do when they quit smoking...but 10lbs is still no fun.

So Instead of pigging out on sugar after just getting home from the gym, I made myself a cup of oolong tea and had a few almonds.
le sigh.

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