2012-06-12 16:46:51 ET

Must..rant! About stuff that is absolutely off topic and unsuitable for any other forum on the interwebs. So here it is, I fucking hate text enhance...all it does is lead me with a false sense of security that I am being redirected to another page within said forum by highlighting words or phrases.But nooo, it has to prompt me to take surveys for gift certificates @ wal mart?! I don't even go to wal mart..I hate it. :( Then again, its probably myself that I hate the most for falling for this trap EVERY FUCKING TIME!!! *rageface* At any rate, if you wasted your time reading this and feel you have lost a few minutes of your life...welcome to my world. :D

2012-06-12 16:52:17 ET

I never understood that form of advertising. "the word "window" is brought to you by target"? it makes no sense.

2012-06-12 16:57:03 ET

It's frustrating, even as I type this the word "surveys" in my OP is highlighted. Honestly, if anything..it makes me not want to go to any place that chooses to engage in this..umm "forced advertising"

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