2013-02-13 11:42:57 ET

Being the no grip on reality rp turbo nerd that I am, This makes me lol everytime.

Link 2..3..4
2013-02-10 18:49:03 ET

Hello one and all, Its been ages since I have been around, But I would like to take a moment to shamelessly plug some webcasts that I did over the better part of last year.

It just don't make any sense!
2012-07-11 06:31:56 ET

So, I have made yet another attempt to collaborate with an artist via the net, This time it's for a legitimate Industrial compilation via the IDMf Netlabel. Now, bare in mind this friend of mine, whom of which isn't familiar with the "mechanics" of Industrial music outside of NIN. I proceed to send yon fellow a bucket list (if you will) of what I thought would be great references...[Coil, Einsturzende Neubauten, SPK, ect..ect.] turns out the guy sends me a stupid awesome drum sequence via his Korg naturally I add on to this sequence, lo and's not only the smoothest collaborative efforts in the history of the world, Its once of the greatest tracks I have ever had the pleasure of working on in terms of overall production and mixing. I don't mean to come off as a shallow fuck, but this has made me happy. *fingers crossed for the release* But really, This has made my day.

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