Shut up Meg.....
2012-11-14 20:56:48 ET

It seems like forever and a day since I have been on this site.

2012-11-14 21:03:23 ET

Howdy, how are things?

2012-11-14 22:44:35 ET

Come stay a while.

2012-11-15 06:42:10 ET

Welcome back!

2012-11-15 10:36:32 ET

Things are doing okay. I've had a really rough semester at school these past few months, but I think things are finally starting to pull together. Other than that I'm doing pretty good. I got on here last night and was like "Oh jeebus my page is ugly". I think I need to fix that, lol.

2012-11-15 11:40:40 ET

We have the technology to rebuild this profile; stronger, better, faster than it was before.

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