VTuber Debut-ness!!
2022-05-17 19:42:13 ET

EDIT: The link works now

I did an animated game review! Click to see!!

So I did a video some time ago and figured I'd actually post about it. I hope some of you like it, and feel free to tell me how I can improve. :)
Rock Revolution [X360]
Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis [PC] [XBONE]
My Friend Peppa Pig [XBONE]
Samba De Amigo ver. 2000 [DC]

2022-05-17 20:57:24 ET

Hello there. The link doesn't seem to work. :(

2022-05-18 03:27:45 ET

The link is missing the : after https. Remove everything before youtube and your modern browser will figure the rest out.

You asked for feedback, so here it is:

Personally I have a hard time getting into the Vtuber thing. They aren't my style. But you change up the shots every so often and we get to watch the TV or sit at the table. But the middle segments are very static. Less static camera stuff would help make it feel more alive for me.

As for your content I think it was fine. I liked how you went through the lead up and history of the music rhythm game in brevity to kind of give a scope of what the scene was at the time. I think understanding what else was on the market or led up to the decision to make a product is important and at the time that genre of games was hot... or at least was starting to decline.
Commenting on the covers and quality of the songs in the game was a good touch. That's something someone who doesn't know the original songs might not have noticed.

There needs to be some audio normalization. The levels between dialog and music are off. Dialog should be around -10 db and music around -20 db. When only music is playing you can bump it up a bit don't go overboard.

Honestly, I enjoyed watching your video.

--Detailed breakdown--

0:00 Am I looking at part of a game menu here? it seems completely out of place.

0:01 Intro1 is fast, but jumps between 2 themes really abruptly. I like the drinking animation. Maybe finish the drink then put your arm down or strike a pose so the audience can view you.

0:18 Intro2 is a little long and confusing. I am honestly not sure how any of these items are connected. Slim down and give me an idea of what to expect with the content of your videos. Make me excited to watch them.

0:47 The video could have started here with intro1 before it and I think it would have been better.

2:02 Not sure what you said.

3:20 What could go wrong? Good transition into the subject material. But do we really need to see you select the save file and the loading screen?
What I would have done is record the audio of the guitar. Keep the initial loading screen and the title screen then just have a still image of the title screen displayed. Keep it up until you decide to crossfade into your gameplay, do the hard cut like you did your your video, or comment on what happened. Say "This looks promising" or whatever comment you like.

3:40 I like this segment. It feels both like a twitch stream and like we are in the living room watching you play. More camera angles like this.

3:53 loud music is drowning you out. In the next scene the audio is notably quieter. Dialog should be around -10 db. Then the music spikes back up in the next scene.

4:28 Yeah that really does sound like that LOL good call

4:50 you say although twice? editing mistake or emphasis? You got the levels correct on this song and it even sounds good as it plays behind your dialog. Good job.

5:30 dramatic....... pause????

6:40 This guys killer drum mumbler? Yeah he is a bad interviewee, is there any chance we could have heard what he said better? Also the background music during this scene is a little distracting to me. If it was swapped out with a different song it might be better just a small nitpick. I am sure most people wouldn't even comment on that.

7:00 omg Yelling at your DS while on a bus or something. This is a golden opportunity for a skit. A 3 second deal of you sitting with a DS then flipping out yelling and strangers start to look. Keep your voice over no need to actually have any audio from the skit just a little gag to change up the scenery.

7:12 We already what?

7:42 That's an exit I guess. I like the zooming in on the TV. Perhaps some of the gameplay could be shown that way in the future. Also the TV is drectly behind you in 90% of the video. Why not use it for displaying gameplay? Shift your character to the side a bit if need be. Seems like a missed opportunity.

8:00 Congratulations on rank 2 on the world leader boards. Do we need 60 seconds of this?

Hope that feedback helps. I had fun writing it up.

2022-05-18 10:19:36 ET

Hi, I loved this. Your editing was great. Good, fast cuts, informational, and you removed "pregnant silences,"etc... You had some vocal flubs but I think it more served your character's personality than anything so I'm glad you kept them.

VoL brought this up so I'll reiterate, your audio could use some improvement. I would highly suggest investing in a better microphone. My assumption right now is you're using a headset mic so that you can make your character move and talk at the same time. That's totally fine but the quality of those mics are usually made for communication and therefore don't prioritize sound quality. Your vocals are quite modulated, ie they sound like you're talking to us through a telephone or walkie-talkie.

I would suggest getting a higher quality microphone. Def do some research. I'm not sure what vtubers like yourself use when it comes to simultaneous vocals + animation capture but I'm sure it would be easy to find out.

2022-05-18 15:19:52 ET

Hi, guys!

To Drake: I think I mighta fixed the link. Sorry about that!

To VoL: That's a pretty good critique right there. You've given me a bit to think about and I'll try to apply this to future videos. ^^;

To Panda Sandwich: What are pregnant silences? But yea I figured if I used the mic on my VR headset I could move and talk more freely. Maybe I can find something closer to studio quality to wear on my head. Thanks for both you guys' feedback!
To answer some of VoL's questions

2:02 I guess I kinda just stumbled over my shit there. I was trying to say that DDR was "Fuckin' amazing. You couldn't avoid it because there were lines everywhere." I left it in because I did actually think it would serve my character's personality like Panda said, but it could have been executed better.

4:50 It was indeed for emphasis.

5:30 It was a dramatic pause. Too much, maybe?

7:12 I said "We were already proven to like rockin' games," which, now that I think about it, may not be very grammatically sound. Gotta work on that. ^^;

2022-05-18 16:43:08 ET

Pregnant silence refers to people not saying anything and creating a bad sense of anticipation or tension. It happens when people pause to think of the right words. In recording audio, it creates "dead air" and is a huge no-no, especially since it can be easily fixed with editing. You did a great job removing any instance of that.

2022-05-18 16:51:48 ET

If you are staying close to your desk a condenser microphone is all you need. Within a maximum of 3 feet you will sound good with some proper gain control.

Some baseline picks would be:
Blue Yeti. Tons of reviews. Been out for years. Consonantly all around OK. with a nice gain control on the front of the mic. It comes in around $115 USD.

Samson Technologies Q2U. For the price this thing has been a top contender for many years. I had a bunch of these at my disposal in college. XLR, USB, and headphone outputs so you could plug them into mixers, computers, or whatever with just one mic. They have good sound quality to boot. It is not pretty though. It looks like a boring old school silver microphone and has no frills. Cost is around $70. I bet there are tons of these on the used market.

Fifine K568. A newer microphone that has seen some good reviews thus far. I have had my eye on it for a bit. This one has a gain control dial with a lot of boost. This would be good if want ever to be far away from your mic. There is also some noise canceling features built in. It is a much more feature rich offering compared to the Q2U. You're looking at about $90.

PreSonus Revelator Dynamic USB. If you are really into streaming and audio recording consider something like this. It is getting into the more professional end of the spectrum but it is feature packed and comes with some very specialized software to get the most out of the mic. I encourage you to check out reviews because I cant type all that up in a timely manner. This one will set you back around $200.

On the budget end there are just plain condenser mics with no frills. like the Blue Snowball ~$45. The Snowball gets the job done but I haven't used anything else in that price range.

That should give you some options to look at for microphones. Years ago I bought a Samson C01U (the old one not the pro) and use it as my desktop microphone. I have it on a scissor arm and it has served me for close to 10 years. Sounds good and with some clever placement means I do not have to wear a headset while gaming. I also have a couch behind where I normally sit at my computer that is maybe 6 feet away from my microphone. I have to speak up a little but I can still use discord with little issue.

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