2019-05-25 09:03:02 ET

So I think I might believe in psych meds. I dunno, I just feel everything in my head slowly sorting itself out. I don't feel very angry with the world, like I just wanna draw or play a game or watch a video. I'm sure I'm still as odd and off-beat as I ever was, but I feel pretty good.

Oh, yea so me and my lovely (it's been more than three years now) bought 12 acres in B.F.E., Maine and had a cabin of sorts built, so maybe it helps I wake up in the morning and I see all these woods and not a bajillion people. :P

Happy Saturday!
Team Sonic Racing (XBONE)
Sonic Forces (EVERYTHING)

The Avengers: Endgame
12 Monkeys
Star Wars Trilogy and Phantom Menace on bloody LaserDisc, from before all the bullshit!

2019-05-25 17:58:41 ET

Cheers for stability. I've been on psych meds since 2015 but it still takes me a minute to get use to "normalcy." Things do sort themselves out.

2019-05-29 07:34:20 ET

I used to be like really angry and hopeless feeling and make sick jokes about everything, which can be okay to do because I don't find much wrong with a satirical mind, but I kinda hid the person I really am behind it. It's like meds are making that real person come out again. And there were times where I just couldn't find it in me to do anything. ANYTHING. Now I feel healthier and even cleaner because the habits I had to make me so are returning to me. Meds are just an interesting thing.

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