2016-06-28 21:17:08 ET

So it's been an interesting few months. Netherlands was pretty cool, but then something really neat happened in the form of a significant other, a real one. This was someone from Maine who I kinda helped save from some asshats she was staying with in Philly. I had dated her before but they had pretty much threatened her out of it, but then some time after she had been back home, she asked for me back and to live with her. Totally knew what I had to do there. Two months in and it's been really great. I'm happy I'm resuming what we'd stared and, on an unrelated note, that I'm also finally seeming to grow as a person, it's crazy. Byes for now, I'ma try to use this more.
Laserdiscs! Many Laserdiscs!!

Power Rangers Dash (ANDROID)
Splatoon (WII U)
Shaq-Fu (GEN)
Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)
Rock Band 4 (XBONE)
Guitar Hero Live (XBONE)

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