Great day!    2005-03-08 13:29:17 ET
MIDTERM grade (Crime in America)
129.75 <---- !!!!!!!!!!! YES I KICK ASS.<BR>
Math test grade

Last Math test

Today was a GOOD day. :)

Wooooo mutherfucken hoooooo!!!!!

     2005-03-07 15:56:51 ET
i'm making an entry, in attempt to get back into the swing of things.

i need to update some stuff, that will come soon, but not right now.

So, i'm back. That is all for now.

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 Teh Tina made me.    2004-12-08 18:43:22 ET
i'm folding laundry! Hahaha.

How's that for your ass!?!

Fuck i need a life.
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     2004-10-18 14:17:42 ET
i decided details wouldnt really be a good thing.

So suffice it to say... i'm incredibly happy. FOR FUCKEN ONCE.

i dont know where any of this will take me or is going, but i know that i feel so fabulous and i dont want it to go away.

i'm happy.
Thank you to whatever controls my brain and others.

 What a wonderful weekend...    2004-10-17 16:02:53 ET
So many things, so much to tell.

So very very tired. More to follow. Maybe tomorrow. :) Till then, i shall hold everyone in suspense.

Haha, yeah, everyone who reads the page and actually cares. Haha.

*sighs dreamily*

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