They made me do it!!    2005-08-03 04:44:38 ET
la la la. Here i am, making a post. i can NOT be tortured anymore.

Someone needs to make the crickets go away! They dont like me.

i need to make my page pretty.


     2005-06-28 07:01:31 ET
i just got my raise!!! Well, i mean, it'll be in my paycheck this time, or next time with back pay.

You guys just dont understand, i NOW get 2.92 a week extra!!! hahaha. i think i'm gonna treat myself, yeah, to umm... a piece of candy? Oh no no, wait, a gallon of gas!

Ok, i'm being a smart ass, but hey, any extra, is just THAT, extra, so i'm happy!

*Does happy dance*

     2005-06-28 05:48:57 ET
Bored at work, as usual.

Watching the conspiracy theories on JFK. Interesting stuff, however, not quite interesting enough to keep me from falling asleep @ my desk. Damn i need some energy!

All that COOKING wore me out last night. ;) muahahaha.

i wish it was time to go.

i couldnt be that lucky.

i was busy when i got here. i did my work to fast. Blah!

i have stupid, boring, dumb training tomorrow. That'll be incredibly boring i'm sure. Then Thursday i have my psychiatrists appointment. That should be lovely. Ha. i'm crazy, crazyyyyy, hahahaha, crazzyyyy!

Ok, so that's all for now. Anyone feel like keeping me entertained? Feel free!

     2005-06-24 05:51:59 ET
i sat here reading through my old updates and it makes me sick.

So, yes, i'm back. My goal is to have no negativity. i was a whiny brat and i dont like seeing that. So... i'm done.

New start... yet again.

i think i'm gonna take the kiddos to see "Land of the Dead" this afternoon. My children and i have a zombie fetish. hehe.

i pulled the kids out of their daycare and now Jessica, Jason's wife also my room mate is watching them for me.

Long story.

Suffice it to say, the facility had 12 cases opened on them and under investigation by the state. Also, the owner/director called me yesterday and blatently lied to me. So, my goal today is to get my $90 back. Ha. Hopefully i wont have to be a bitch, but i'm prepared if i do.

So, that's the exciting news for the week.

i'm looking forward to a weekend of relaxing and minimal drama.

     2005-03-24 16:05:32 ET
i need to do something tonight. i really wish that was get drunk, tho, i have to work tomorrow. At this point, i really dont care.

Great, eh?

Anyone wanna go out and have a few? lol

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