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Media Mind Polluted

 life so far    2008-12-24 22:19:37 ET
the powers that be don't care for mindless zombies, although they create them...

with technology so advanced we shouldn't have to lift a finger, though we waste time slaving to provide for our materialistic world.

if resources became limited and you had to push your own food and purify your own water and be without electricity, could you and your family survive?

hydrocodones mixed with pot make me morbid.
its fun.

happy to be a walking phenomenon, sad to be held down in america.

hello potential, where have you been?


 Television Truth    2007-07-25 13:44:08 ET

"media molding minds
forming view points
controlling thought
making talking points
constant suggestions
slogans, propaganda
misdirection, misinformation

this is your concerns for today
action news, gripping
reporting news of popular tv dramas, fluff.

Shinny object of entertainment
distraction, hesitation nation

this is your god
it speaks only truth

defining the definitions of your life
make, then remaking reality as they see fit

Tool of the corporation
feed little consumers
Americas number one resource, bio mass

kill your tv!"

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