WTF have I been doing with my life?
2022-12-17 09:42:04 ET

Not much. A lot. Everything in between? I didn't die from COVID even though I work graveyards in a Fred Meyer and did so ALL THROUGH IT in a small town full of people that didn't believe the pandemic was real. Between it and a good portion of Oregon being on fire and Drumpf's fucking inane bullshit, I sorta lost my mind for a little while in 2020. I'm a little better now, but I still hold vampire hours since I am currently HOME Graveyard PIC, unfortunately. But this is good at the same time since I'm still not playing well with the general public. I need a better job, though, that enables me to hold normal "human" hours and pays me more. I have forklift SKILLZ now. I should try to find someone that wants to pay me for them since FM wants you certified but won't compensate for learning a DANGEROUS skill on a piece of heavy equipment. Give me at least a dollar! Geeze! (see video link for details on that)

Anyhow, I also somehow managed to buy a house on my low-pay wage (thanks to A LOT of saving during COVID and a partner with a decent-paying job) in the Portland metro area (again) and have not joined the multitude of unhoused souls in Portland, OR.

Survival is the name of my game, and I'm getting damn good at staying afloat at least!

2022-12-17 14:24:24 ET

Motor-driven ground conveyance vehicle. That's the most German name for a thing...

I didn't realize they had such a dark sense of humor there.

2022-12-17 16:56:30 ET

I feel like the whole world sorta lost our minds for a while in 2020.

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