Dementia Onset Retro Nostalgia
2022-12-17 08:22:40 ET

SO, I've been listening to old MP3s of Dementia lately and this fucking song comes on. This place seems like a good place to resurrect Techno Viking since I found someone set him to it. Abomination or gold, you decide! lol!

2022-12-17 08:23:33 ET

Bear with me, I need to relearn my code for sharing here.

2022-12-17 08:25:29 ET

Oh god... I can't figure out how to edit entries. Is it even possible? I forget!

2022-12-17 08:27:53 ET

Ah ha!

2022-12-17 08:35:17 ET

Ok then, I got the link to work.

2022-12-17 14:16:59 ET

I'd forgotten this was a thing. Love it.

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