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2005-03-24 10:24:34 ET

Hola! Good morning/afternoon! Here's your friendly little reminder that I will be live on Sykoradio in another couple of hours.

The good news for this week: I'm employed! I had not been for months now. But now I will be able to start expanding my music collection again, making for better shows in the weeks to come.

The bad news: it's a daytime Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 5:30PM type of job, which means I'll have to move my time slot. As of the first week of April I will not be broadcasting at my usual time and day. I'll keep everyone updated on the new time and day when I figure it out. I'm open to suggestions, so make them!

This week and next, it's business as usual. Go to the link in my signature at 2 to listen.

DJ Medusa

Distorted Disco every Thursday

Past playlists are posted here:

"Rock and roll station is a station where we can do what we want to do"

2005-03-24 10:29:38 ET

Do you have any Klute? (the Claus Larsen Klute)

2005-03-24 11:35:19 ET

No. :-(

Thank the gods for a jobby-job. I could potentially fix the no Klute thing, if I want to soon.

2005-03-24 11:38:46 ET

Ah yes, congrats on finding steady work. (I need some of that too, atm.)

I've got one track, but it's an EHC remix.

You can grab it off me through soulseek, if you'd like.

2005-03-24 12:21:02 ET

I've been tuned in for a while now (since Haujobb) and it stopped working after the Amon Tobin song.. now its just buffering.
Its been buffering for a while now... :(

2005-03-24 12:24:44 ET

I'm sorry. I don't know what's up. Everything seems to be working fine on this end.

2005-03-24 12:25:35 ET

Did you try to reload it or reboot?

2005-03-24 12:42:26 ET

alright ya it works now.
I was kinda busy when I noticed it was Buffering.

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