Show #73 Playlist
2005-03-10 11:55:33 ET

The Klinik - Pyramid
Juno Reactor - Nitrogen Pt 1
Implant - First Contact
Black Lung - The Depopulation Bomb
5F_55 - 4655 6D46 4148 FUmFAH
PAL - Discoroad
Asche - Zapped
Pow[d]er Pussy - Inextradoubt
Forma Tadre - Plasmasleep
Haujobb - Yearning
Front Line Assembly - The Blade
Kalte Farben - nyz2c
Skinny Puppy - Spasmolytic
Ministry - Breathe
KMFDM - Piggybank
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - Do You Fear (for your child?)
Velvet Acid Christ - Icon
Laibach - Das Spiel Ist Aus
Babyland - Fucked Equipment
Pigface - I Could Do No Wrong
Einstüzende Neubauten - Sehnsucht (zitternd)
Kompressor - Landschaftgestaltung
Brooklyn Funk Essentials - I Got Cash

Thanks for listening.

DJ Medusa

2005-03-10 12:23:31 ET


2005-03-10 12:23:57 ET

listening too! You're going to help me clean my office - thanks!

2005-03-10 12:24:42 ET


Clean offices are good.

2005-03-10 12:36:52 ET

I like it so far! it's been so long since I have been able to listen to your show!

2005-03-10 12:42:53 ET

Cool. I know it's been a while since I've been able to listen to anyone elses show as well. I'm always running around town whenever there is a broadcast.

2005-03-10 12:47:25 ET

You know, Vas, I am thankful for that ticker at the top of the page. It's good to not have to update this thing with what's playing, like I used to do.

2005-03-10 13:21:44 ET

Do you have Jordan, MN, by Big Black?

2005-03-10 13:26:39 ET

haha, well you can thank moxie and proxenus for most of that. I just helped integrate into our site with proxenus tailoring the code for us :)

2005-03-10 13:28:32 ET

HB - I do. No room for it unless I want to run over my time.

Vasa - I do.

2005-03-10 13:34:13 ET

Meh, what has your time limit done for you lately? =p

2005-03-17 11:53:42 ET

Jordan, MN is getting played this week, just for you. :-P

2005-03-17 11:55:48 ET

Yay! =)


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