Show #71 playlist
2005-02-17 11:57:10 ET

Manorexia - Planet of the Aches
Xingu Hill - The Nature of the Beast
Download - Bee Sting Sickness
Converter/Asche/Morgenstern - In Hell
Asche - Riding the Atomic I.C.E.
Architect - Grand Diesel
Foetus - Quick Fix (Charlie Clouser rmx)
Pow[d]er Pussy - Innergeist
Haujobb - Rising Sun
Skinny Puppy - Tormentor
Portion Control - Barely Alive
I, Parasite - Skinlike
The Klinik - Cold As Ice
Test Dept. - Sweet Sedation
Einstüzende Neubauten - Zeichnungen Des Patienten OT
KMFDM - Liebeslied
B-TON-K -Brain Police
F/A/V - Tote Frauen/ Kranke Mġnnor
Babyland - Creeping Up
Snog - Make the Little Flowers Grow
Ministry - The Isle of Man (version II)
Pigface - I'm Still Alive
Alien Sex Fiend - Here Cum Germs
The Cramps - Don't Eat the Stuff Off the Sidewalk
Cop Shoot Cop - Everybody Loves You


I think I'll take next week off. This is a pain in the ass. I feel like a huge pest taking over someone else's bandwidth, being loud in their space, etc. Besides, I have a lot of crap to get done this upcoming week; clean up what is to be my new home base, restore my hearing, essentially everything else I haven't done because I've been sick since I moved.

I am DJing this week at Noir (provided the hearing in the right ear keeps working, haha). I hope to see everyone there.

203 SE Grand Ave.
9 PM
$3 cover donated to CAT no-kill cat shelter

Huge thanks to everyone that made it out for the Anti-Valentines Ball. I don't know what has become of the playlist from it, but I'll make an effort to track it down and get it posted. Maybe Derek will see this and post it. *hint, hint*

I'll keep you posted on future online shows.

DJ Medusa

2005-03-03 06:32:22 ET

now that my puter has been upgraded...i think i maybe able to listen to your radio show more often before crashing is involved...

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