Happy VD show!
2005-02-10 11:54:09 ET

Getting ready to go live on Sykoradio with a show that oozes sex. Gross, eh?

LJ is down again, so I can't spam it. Spread the word that I'm on for the next couple of hours.

2005-02-10 12:48:10 ET

Do you have any of the following:

Lords of Acid- I Sit on Acid
Consolidated- You Suck
TKK- Waiting For Mommy

Any of those would be nice to hear. =)

2005-02-10 12:50:52 ET

I have the LOA and TKK, but not the Consolidated. Unfortunately I've already played both LOA and TKK. I played "She and Mrs. Jones" and "Sexplosion".

2005-02-10 12:54:24 ET

Damn, I missed them. =(

Thanks anyways.=)

2005-02-10 13:11:50 ET

Sorry for the double post, but if you didn't know, there's an AM God box set coming out. =D

I can't wait.


2005-02-10 13:19:19 ET

How cam Amgod have a box when he had only one album? It boggles the mind.

2005-02-10 13:21:07 ET

Wow. Half Rotton and Decayed was re-released?

2005-02-10 13:22:08 ET

Dammit, now I want it. :X

2005-02-10 13:22:49 ET

Disc one- Half Rotten.
Disc two- Demos, rarities, stuff that was going to be on the follow up album, etc.
Disc three- Live show.
Disc four- DVD- DVD of the live show.

It's nice to see Half Rotten reissued, even if it's $50, and limited.

Now I just need to find a copy/mp3's of the Blood in Face EP.

2005-02-10 13:24:38 ET

I have Blood In Face. I got it cheap when that stash of Celtic Circle stuff turned up a couple of years ago.

2005-02-10 13:26:46 ET

You're so lucky. =)

Is it as good as Brainstorming?

I found my copy of Half Rooten used for $8, less than a month ago, but you hardly ever find stuf that's been OOP for as long as the Celtic Circle stuff, and it's usually not cheap when it does turn up. =/

2005-02-10 13:31:56 ET

I think it's as good. You got lucky with the Amgod. I got mine for $30 off of ebay four years ago. I got yelworC's collection about the same time for not quite as much.

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