2005-01-10 15:42:10 ET

All photo galleries have been updated. Holiday Ale Fest gallery has been deleted to make room for more Recently Excavated 2001-2003 pics.

Something about having alligator-on-a-stick that makes people so happy...

2005-01-10 16:14:04 ET

Rev looks scary.
freaky even.

2005-01-10 16:54:08 ET

He tends to look that way a lot.

2005-01-11 10:38:35 ET

he looks like a white pimp...though thats kind of an oxymoron...

2005-01-13 12:39:27 ET

mr daniel m. downloads music from me. but shh dont tell anyone.

2005-01-13 12:44:12 ET

haha...I've got him as a friend on myspace, but keep it on the downlow. ;)

2005-01-13 12:48:57 ET

funny guy he is.
on slsk chat

him: did you go to mera luna last year
me: no
him: i opened for vnv
me: cool
him: im haujobb
me: you are downloading music from me lolz

2005-01-13 12:56:25 ET

yeah, funny guy...

if he is going to download music he should remember to not put those "copying kills music" stickers on his cds.

2005-01-13 13:07:43 ET

haha yea totally.

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