2005-01-04 16:33:02 ET

The rev just sent a batch of pictures taken over the course of three years to me. So many memories...

I honestly did not remember what all was on these rolls, but Josh out of the kindness of his heart had them developed for me. Thank you for making me smile today! I'm sorry if you looked through them and saw an unfortunate (for you) ass picture. Honestly, I didn't know.

All galleries have been changed, for the most part. Gallery four is some choice old shots. Enjoy. :)

2005-01-04 21:02:28 ET

lol @ "some random cute ex-con"...

2005-01-05 08:11:47 ET

My seat partner from Fresno to Sacremento. I hope he's doing well and staying out of trouble.

2005-01-06 10:18:26 ET

seat partner? like a single serving friend?

2005-01-06 11:52:17 ET


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