Show #67 (Anger Management)
2004-12-30 13:10:35 ET

Nurse With Wound – Rock and Roll Station
Manorexia – Planet of Aches
Xingu Hill – Babylon Bloodsuckers
Black Lung & Xingu Hill – With a Tongue of Madness
Foetus Inc – Anxiety Attack
Coil – Circles of Mania
cEvin Key – 15th Shade
Kalte Farben – Again
F/A/V – Fruende Am Verzweifeln
The Klinik – Public Pressure
Ministry – Flashback
Skinny Puppy – Smothered Hope
Portion Control – Brain Scraper Death Dive
Pigface – Ten Ground and Down
Velvet Acid Christ – Icon
HMB – Everything
B-TON-K/Puls – Birth, Sex, Death
Snog – The Prole Song
Sheep On Drugs – The Money Machine
KMFDM – Rip the System
Revolting Cocks – TV Mind
Pain Station – Anxiety
Dive – Lies In Your Eyes
Pow[d]er Pussy – manisyourenemy
Babyland – Fucked Equipment
The Dust Brothers – This Is Your Life
Pailhead – I Will Refuse
Murder Inc. – Murder Inc.
Cop Shoot Cop - Nowhere
Lard – Mate Spawn & Die
Big Black – Kerosene
The Jesus Lizard – Slave Ship
The Birthday Party – Mutiny In Heaven
The Swans – Trust Me
Alien Sex Fiend – Stress
Foetus – Am I Surrounded By Incompetence
Tom Waits – Little Drop of Poison
Gogol Bordello – Through the Roof ‘n’ Underground
Upright Citizens Brigade – The Ass Penny sketch


Whew! I’m glad I got that off my chest. I needed it. Now next week can be all sunshine and puppy-dogs. Maybe not, we’ll see next week.

DJ Medusa

2004-12-30 14:02:51 ET

i love the this track with the fight club samples!!!!!

2004-12-30 15:37:01 ET

Dust Brothers did the soundtrack to Fight Club.
Its a good album, but my copy doesnt have that song on it.

good show tonight Synthia.
you doing a show next week for sure?

2004-12-30 22:50:09 ET

As far as I know there is nothing special about my copy of the Fight Club soundtrack. It's what I made the mp3 from.

Thank you, Ekim. With luck, yeah, I should be up. I'll let you know if I can't do it.

2004-12-31 13:24:57 ET

sunshine and puppy dogs? id pick up a schloss tegal cd for that...

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