2002-04-02 18:12:17 ET

There are three events I can't wait for this month:
- the rev's dj night on the 18th
- Spring Beer Fest on the 19th
- Haujobb in Seattle on the 26th


2002-04-02 18:14:26 ET

!#!@#% SIGN ME UP

2002-04-02 19:02:31 ET

me too! me too! ...i want to win beer fest!

2002-04-03 18:30:49 ET

Damn...I have to wait until August for our local beer fest.

2002-04-04 01:09:13 ET

I love Portland. We have the largest summer brew fest in the states. They broke that one into two fests, international and national. December we have a nice little fest under heated tents in downtown that features almost nothing but winter warmer beers. Spring's cool because it's large, inside, and you get collector glassware. Go and see if you like at www.springbrewfest.com .
Falk, are you sure you want Antiore moving up there instead of you coming here?

2002-04-04 12:18:51 ET

i'm going out to your end of the continent this summer probably before she gets too caught up in school here.

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